Friday, March 1, 2013

Don't Get Between a Girl and Her Horse

Dear Eagle Scout,

I enjoy having you around, so I'm offering up this word of advice...

Never. Ever. Ever!

Get between a girl and her horse. 

I guarantee you will lose. each. and every. time.

D3 put you in your place today. I realize you're young. I hope you're smart enough to take notice and learn from today's life experience.

If your girlfriend wants to spend five minutes braiding the mane of her horse, just stand by patiently. Five minutes is nothing in the long run. Really. I swear. It's not.

Don't pressure her to hurry up. Don't point out how pointless it is. Don't bother trying to tell her, her horse has a penis and probably doesn't enjoy having a braided mane. Don't do any of that.

...And if you can't... 

I fear this relationship is doomed.

So don't get between a girl and her horse, okay?


Mrs. Doc H


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  1. Poor Eagle Scout! I'm afraid though, compared to Beau Hunk, if this is his transgression, he's doing a fabulous job.

    And I once went out with a guy who said he'd come shopping with me and then complained when I spent 'too long' at Nordstrom trying on things I knew I'd never be able to afford (seriously, the Chanel flats were GORGEOUS AND HE SHOULD HAVE APPRECIATED THEM).

    It didn't end well for our relationship

    1. He is doing a great job! Sweet kid, but just learning like the rest of us during our teen years. :)
      A boy should be born with the innate sense not to hamper the girlfriend's mall experience!!! Hahaha!

  2. uhhh yeah....poor kid. lol I wasn't even interested in boys when I was with my horse as a kid :)

    cool blog, following!

    Happy Sharefest!!
    The 5th Level of Motherhood

  3. That is sound advice my friend. Even better though: don't get between a girl and her [insert prized object here]. Whatever it is, it will end badly.


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