Thursday, March 28, 2013

Excuse Me, But What Just Happened?

Picture this...

Doc H and I sitting in our favorite Mexican restaurant. We are separated from another couple via a short wall and a restaurant privacy screen. We can hear their conversation if we strain our ears, but lucky for them, we're not nosey kind of people.

So, one margarita into the meal, we found ourselves discussing Doc H's latest hospital drama (because, you know... there's always hospital drama). We were chatting quite fervently until our conversation died an immediate death, our eyes locked, and we both stopped chewing on our chips. We leaned towards the privacy screen.

"Did you hear that," I whispered.

"What did you hear?"

"I heard (your name), 'Doctor Smith'!"

Trying to inconspicuously peer through the privacy screen Doc H says, "Yeah, me too, but I have a common name" trying to brush it off.

I don't know who he was trying to kid. I've had to google Doc H a couple of times and have never come across another doctor by the same name in our area. Elsewhere in the country, yes. Here, no.

With the possibility of a patient next to us, we hunkered down, chewed as quietly as possible and kept the conversation at a minimum, trying camouflage ourselves among the chips and margaritas.

Shortly thereafter, Possible Patient's conversation took a bad turn.  One second, Doc H's name was mentioned, the next, obscenities started to fly. Possible Patient's dinner partner (his wife? mistress? girlfriend? who knows?) started calling him every name in the book. You know the names...

Just as we finished paying the bill and were ready to leave, Possible Patient's dinner stood up and said something to him that I couldn't quite hear. She left and he sat, presumably waiting for the check.

As Doc H and I reached the freedom of the parking lot, he was able to speak freely, "Did you see that?"

"What just happened?"

"She just told him he was a effing a$$hole and she was leaving!"

Just then, I noticed her driving right past us as she exited the parking lot, so I point out, "Well, there she goes..."

He looks at me... "That was weird."

Yeah, it sure was.


  1. Wow!!! That is quite the dinner conversation to over hear!!

    1. Quite frankly we were stunned at the whole thing.

  2. My husband works for 911, I used to & most recently left sheriff's dept dispatch to stay home with our son.
    We have overheard many conversations of people flat out bitching about their calls to 911, listened to the reasons they called, heard them complaining that it took 45 minutes for the cops to get to their house. All the while, we want to jump up & school them on how people are being actively robbed/shot/stabbed/raped & they want the police for their fence gate being found open, house broken into while they were gone & the offender isnt there!

  3. so you just witnessed a female patient telling her husband she's leaving her husband? like for good or for the night? gotta tell you..."you're such an a-hole" has come out of my mouth one too many times. residency and sleep deprivation can make you do crazy things. and the phrase "i'm leaving" comes out too often also. i usually leave to go upstairs or the grocery store though=)

    1. I know what you mean about sleep deprivation. I was a raging insomniac for a long time and it was almost impossible to get a grip on reality!

  4. Thankfully I drive about an hour one way for the majority of my work. I rarely run into a client while out with my family. I sort of like it that way. :D I might've had to flick a little wave just for the hell of it.

  5. Now that was an interesting turn of events! I wonder what he did to make her so upset? I guess we'll never know!

    1. I have no idea, but I sure am sorry neither of us were paying better attention before things got so heated!

  6. I hope they didn't actually say your husbands name, and that his name sounds like ..... Do you remember that Seinfeld episode? . I know we will be out and about and my husband will say, I operated on him/her last year! He sees patients everywhere.

    1. Hahaha! Trust me... our last name does not rhyme with any female body part. ;)

  7. "So how did it go with Dr. Smith?"
    "Well... some bad news. I think I may have an STD?"
    "An STD? Where would you have gotten an STD from?"
    "I don't know... maybe my secretary? Or else your sister. But it has to be one of those two. Everyone else made me use a condom."
    "You're an effing a-hole!"

    Possible theory.


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