Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Got a Plastic Surgeon?

When I married a doctor, I thought... Great! I'll never have to research for a great doctor again! 

I finally got around to asking Doc H if he would make some time in his schedule to accompany me to consult with a plastic surgeon.

"For what?"

"I want to try botox... and while I'm there, I might as well get some information on getting my boobs lifted."

He had a look of disbelief on his face. "Botox? Don't get botox! Botox makes women look scary!" He mentions a co-worker whose face looks like Lake Placid, and can't even close her eyes when she sneezes.

I assure him that's a case of a bad botox job. I don't want much. Plus, it's temporary. He still thinks it's a bad idea.

Well, doesn't he want to hear what the surgeon has to say about the lift?

"Oh, that's what this is all about. You're going under the guise of botox, but really want a lift..."

"No, I really want the botox." He grunts. "Well, can you at least give me a referral to a plastic surgeon?"

"NO!!!" A look of disgust come over his face. "I don't any of my colleagues handling or slicing your boobs! That's just weird."

Oh. He's right. That would be a little awkward.


::: sigh :::

Anyone want to recommend a great plastic surgeon to me?


  1. can't close her eyes when she sneezes! Hilarious.

  2. This made me chuckle ^.^ Sad to say I don't know any plastic surgeons I can recommend! But hey, I eventually want a nose job myself, haha.

  3. haha... I needed that laugh!! If I knew any plastic surgeons (which I don't)... you probably wouldn't want them anyway since they would all be interns. Good luck finding a good one! I already told Caleb I wanted a lift after kids...making him get used to idea now!

  4. Yes, actually I do. But you'd have to come to Atlanta. And the guy's an arrogant a$$ who has an office staff of Barbie dolls. Other than that he can build a fantastic boob.

  5. hahaha the perils of being married to a doc. The only time you have be really be aware of who sees you at a docs office and you always have to look nice in a hospital!

  6. I know a few good ones! But it depends on where you live.

  7. LOL...this post gave me a little giggle too! It actually might work better for you if you were to travel out of state (Atlanta doesn't sound too bad!)...but only if you think it's worth it!

    Found you via Linkin' w/ the ladies!

  8. hey there. I'm Laney and a Newbie here. Hope you can come and follow me back!


  9. Definitely do some research and "go away". Aspen, LA or Dallas are good locations to find docs. Every doc specializes in different things. Good luck! I'm about 15 years away from this "project" or I would know what to say...

  10. I have several friends who have had all those things done. Going into unnecessary surgery scares me. I would love to have a perfect body, but probably will never do anything. Your post was really funny. Visiting with LWML blog hop.

  11. Sorry - forgot to visit here until seeing your latest post glide through blogger dashboard!

    Erm, there are the occasional drawbacks of being married to a doc it would seem...did you find a plastic surgeon? Your husband is right about the perils of botox...and those lip fillers! Yikes! Trout pouts rule the day!

    I shall age gracefully...but reluctantly...

    Anna :o]

  12. If you dig rednecks I got the perfect plastic surgeon for ya-my husband. He may be a redneck but that dude can sew his freakin' ass off!!!!!

  13. Yeah, I wouldn't want my hubby's coworkers to operate on me, not that I have a hubby anyway!

  14. That's all right, because plastic surgery have demerits along with the merits if it treated wrong or without great precaution. That's why a plastic surgeon must be certified so to ensure the patient that surgery will successful.


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