Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life of Your Doctor's Wife: Damn Those Aneurysms!

Tonight I went on Twitter to curse the aneurysm that blew on my Friday night date night.

I'm pretty sure the owner of the aneurysm was cursing it out too, so I felt he or she wouldn't mind any additional verbal abuse the bastard got over the twitter-sphere.

That damn thing took my big plans and did to them like a baby does a diaper. Shit and piss all over my night.

I had plans. Big plans.

But that damn aneurysm took my boogie out of my woogie, the spike out of my punch, and my date out of my night.

I'm left with stale, red wine, dry left overs, and three-day-old brownie bites.

This bites.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry. I hope you get to have a wonderful date night sometime soon!

  2. You know, wine, leftovers, and brownie bites aren't necessarily a bad time. Shit, that's date night around these parts.

    1. Ha! You're right... but I alone? Maybe with a device and a new pair of batteries...

  3. Oh bummer! I hope you are able to make up your date night!

    1. Not yet, but I'm sure date night will come around again... soon or later. Hopefully, next time it will be a more successful endeavor. :)


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