Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spousal Chatter: Coffee in Bed

6:30am.  Me, propped up in bed, blogging. Doc H, dressed for work and eating breakfast downstairs.

Then, for the second day in a row, he brings me up a cup of coffee.

::: A girl could get used to this. :::

As he hands over his "School of Medicine" mug in which he carefully concocted my coffee with my preferred blending of milk and sugar, I smile at him. He is such a sweet man!

"Ooooo! Coffee! Thanks, Honey" I say, as I take the hot cup and give the coffee a quick blow before I take my first big sip.

Just as the coffee fills my mouth, my dear, sweet husband asks, "Does that organic milk always smell weird?"

He immediately feels the pain of the stink eye I shoot him.

Quickly, he adds, "I mean, I think it's okay. Organic milk always smells different than regular milk, right?"



  1. Ha! I think that's more of a man thing, than a doctor thing. The Lawyer will say things to me like, "I ate the leftovers in the fridge" and I'll say, "Huh? What leftovers?" and he'll be referencing things from a week or more. (Gross!) To him, "in the fridge" = "still edible." To me, it just means that his girlfriend hasn't been over to clean out his fridge lately :/

    1. I think men must have GIs made of steel!
      Thanks for reminding me... I do need to clean out my fridge before the kids eat something toxic.

  2. Does it really smell different? Milk is milk to me. I prefer organic milk, but I never actually smell or taste a difference...


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