Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doc Talk: Q & A

Since Doc H was on vacation this week and enjoying a few days of solitude, I emailed him a couple of questions for him to answer. I thought he might finally have some time to contribute some insight....

Q: The biggest misconception I had about being an Attending is…  
A: Misconception - "Life gets easier" It actually gets more complicated. You may have more time at home, but the tradeoff is much more responsibility.  
Q: The best piece of professional advice I ever received was…
A:  When starting out, establish your professional competency. Don't take on overly risky cases or practice in a way that could be perceived as overconfident - first do no harm!  
Q: When I was in medical school, I wish I knew…
A: More about the financial issues doctors face; how to negotiate a contract; basic business knowledge.  
Q: When hiring a junior partner, I value _______________ most.
A: Commitment to being a good doctor; always putting the patient's best interest first. 
Q: The most significant stressor of my job is…
A: Juggling multiple demands at once.  
Q: What I most enjoy about my job is…
A: Operating.

Do you have any questions you would like to have answered? Submit them in the comments below. I can't promise how soon he'll be able to answer, but I'll try to get the answers back to you as soon as he answers them!


  1. If you had gone into another profession, what would it have been?

  2. I'll have to pass this on to my daughter. She's buying a house with her boyfriend; he starts his ortho residency in June.

  3. Remember how easy life was when we were medical students.... ahhh. He is right, it only gets more complicated. He's a good sport.

  4. What are his top five financial bits of advice? (what did he do right, what does he recommend to do differently? what does he wish someone would have told him?) we plan to live modestly (rent hopefully) and pay off all loans within 3-5 years post residency then build our dream house cash or almost cash. (we hate banks, let me tell you!)

  5. Truth to the financial competency that you need! I so should have gotten an MBA before med. school!

  6. The second question, about advice, is really useful. Thank you!


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