Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doctors Give Orders.. {and nothing else}

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of training a new education docent at my volunteer job.

Whenever I meet new trainees, I like getting their background stories. If I can utilize or highlight similarities from prior experiences to help transition to this job, I will. Sometimes, it helps and sometimes, it just acts as an icebreaker between us. Regardless, I find its always beneficial and nice to get to know someone new.

Gayle is a retired public relations liason for our local zoo. A spry and fit 70-something, she was all over learning everything about her new role with our organization. She soaked in all the information I spewed, and questioned me even more. I loved her enthusiasm!

When I dug a little deeper into her past, I discovered before the zoo, she had worked as a critical care nurse for over twenty years. Without me having to probe, she explained why she left a nursing career.

She hated receiving orders by doctors, hated her on-call schedule, and hated the stress of dealing with the families of patients.

So what did she do? She decided she would go to medical school, so she could be the one giving the orders and not have to deal with the other stuff.

Inside my brain was screaming, EXCUSE ME?!

Yes, that's right sweetie. Become a doctor so you don't have to deal with an on-call schedule and patients' rightfully emotional families, because giving orders are the ONLY thing doctors do.

She redeemed herself by following up with a story of a conversation she had with a doctor friend of hers who set her straight.

So she left the hospital and headed to the zoo.

{I know what you're thinking...
            what's the difference? Because hospital = zoo, doesn't it?}


  1. hahaha oh boy! True- is there really a difference between a zoo and hospital?

  2. They both stink in their own special way. I prefer hospital smells to zoo smells.

  3. This plus one of my lectures today prompted me to rant a little bit about people's perceptions of physicians!

  4. Why is that so common with nurses!? I have talked to so many that have the same complaints and then end up taking their MCATs and try to pursue the M.D. path. Crazy!


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