Monday, April 1, 2013

Medical Monday! and Bravo's "Married To Medicine"

It's Medical Monday and Holy Donkey Shizz Bahlz, I just watched thirty seconds of Bravo's "Married to Medicine" on my DVR, and have already vomited up my lunch.

I've been going to parties at attending's houses for EONS and I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!

Here are my questions for Bravo:
1. Where did you find these people?
2. Who paid off their school loans so they could buy those houses?
3. Are these women REALLY married to doctors? Because they seem about as sharp as a butter knife. Last time I checked, most doctors are pretty darn intelligent and they like a partner who can hold their end of a conversation... and catty conversations don't count.
4. What female docs hang out with doc wives??? NONE. They are far too busy!!
5. What kind of a surgeon wears Crocs? Patients bleed... A LOT!

Honest to God, I'm offended. According to Bravo, I'm doing the doc wife life wrong. I should be drinking every second of the day. Living in a palace complete with driveway round-about accented with a water fountain akin to that of the Bellagio, dressed in designer clothing from morning to night, living in my best CFM shoes, trying not to choke on my over-filled collagen lips as drama and physical fights between other doc wives happen all about me.

Oh, and let's not overlook the most important doc wife responsibility... Flare up the umpteen candles in your house, and meet your Doc H at the door wearing Fredrick's of Hollywood Lingerie two nights a week, just so he can hug you with his MRSA soiled scrubs, be completely unphased by your lingerie, ask you to open your laptop to take care of some business (and NO,  that is not code for sex), and then have his pager beacon him back to the hospital. And what's the Barbie Doc Wife to do? Smile and say, "Oh, that's okaaayyyyyy....".

I'm sorry, but I call "BULLSHIZZ"! I AM NOT A CATTY LUNATIC!!! Really. I'm not. I think I might even be able to get Doc H to vouch for that. Maybe.

I don't think I'll be watching this show anymore, but did you watch it? I want to know what you think. Really, I do... Like, SUPER BAD!!!

Let's move onto something more pleasing, shall we? {And please, do comment below and let me know you're thoughts on the show!}

Medical Monday!!!

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  1. Guilty of watching it. Guilty of enjoying mess?
    I watch RHW of everything, so I'm naturally attracted to this. But I know that's not how it really is. That's just Bravo.

    New joiner of the blog hop!

  2. I'm completely shocked that Bravo has made a show that isn't realistic. The next thing I know someone's going to tell me that the Real Housewives of New Jersey aren't accurate representations of women who live there.


  3. I missed the opening show, but will have to catch an episode to give an opinion. From what little I have seen on Youtube....that is not how I am living:) They can come to my house and video tape me for some truly boring...I mean realistic, reality TV. The highlight of my weekend was washing my windows inside and out:)

    Thanks for hosting Emma!

  4. hahah! i laughed so hard at #5 and the fact that yes, MRSA is probably on his scrubs and you want to be all on it. have not watched it yet, but as any Bravo show...DRAMA and pure entertainment. Seriously, no one who has a true life and takes care of things has time for that at all.

  5. Excited to join the blog hop! Thanks for the invite :)

    I'll be honest: I don't watch tv. I actually prefer to play video games instead of watching tv in my spare time.

    Oh - I love Food Network though. I used to watch a lot of that on the treadmills at the school gym. It's like having someone dangle a carrot on a stick in front of me.

  6. Thanks for being such a great Medical Monday host:-) I haven't watched the show yet, but have heard plenty about it. Like the general public didn't already think doctors wives were ???, they have just taken all the stereotypes and multiplied them by 100. What are people supposed to think now! Frustrating.

  7. Happy Medical Mondays & belated Easter! I have not seen this show yet but now I am DYING to see it! Oh my gosh it sounds like a train wreck!

  8. Haha, I love your review of the show! I only saw a couple of minutes, but realized that's nothing like a normal doctor's wife's life. My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives franchise, so I thought I'd like it, but I think its too much.

    Glad I could co-host this month!!! Happy Medical Monday! :)

  9. UGH that show is ridiculous! My husband didn't even want me to watch it because he didn't want to help the show's ratings! I snuck in about 5 minutes of it the other day when he was gone and couldn't even finish the episode.

  10. Ugh - Watched some of the scenes online. Way to perpetuate a stereotype, Bravo! Sure, some of my husband's attendings have big houses (a result of workaholics taking call EVERY weekend for a couple of years, never seeing their children or wives), my husband does wear ugly-as-homemade-sin Crocs (the clog kind with no holes; the ones that are open are a huge violation of so many health codes in a hospital!), and I actually do hang out with female docs that happen to be married to my husband's colleagues, but it's usually during some hospital-sponsored event. Why doesn't Bravo cut the bull, quit finding cliques of women who happen to be somewhat linked by location or vocation, and just call their shows "Women We Found Who Are Hot Messes - There's a LOT of Drama Here!"

  11. Ick I greatly dislike that show, and that they stole my blog name.

  12. we don't have cable!
    but if bravo posts videos online, I will check out this program!
    thanks for hosting.

  13. Hi, I'm Maggie, and it's my first time joining the Blog Hop. I haven't the seen the show yet, though now I'm kinda curious. It doesn't sound anything like our life, though a program based on my life would be some pretty dull viewing!

  14. UGH! The Ray Doc told me this show was going to air soon, but I missed it - thank God! Loved your write-up - I don't need to watch! Loved your post!

    Happy MM!

    Ray Doc Wife

  15. Wow, I kind of want to punch Bravo in the face. I can't believe that. Just from your synopsis the whole show sounds ridiculous! I do hang out with the wives of some of my male counterparts at events and such, but none of them or I drink every second of the day, and nobody wears crocks anymore (ew). It amazes me how some companies just perpetuate stereotypes and make tons of money doing it!

  16. I watch the first three minutes of it every sunday bc it's dvr-ed onto my RHO Atlanta. Let me say that I cringe to think what the american public thinks of dr wives NOW because before there just wasn't enough to be jealous of! UGH! My neighbor asked me if I live like that....seriously? You live next door to me. What do you think??? (As if she is already not a big enough lunatic and her perception of me isn't obnoxious and inaccurate enough). Time to send Bravo a petition to cut the shit and cancel that stupid show. My husband gets his ass chewed out when he wears his nasty shoes through the house (I make him scrub the floor--not very doctor-esque). and his scrubs always come off as soon as he enters the house. no hugs or kisses for anyone until those nasty things are off. real surgeons don't have pristine scrubs...they are full of blood, germs and shit. yuck! thanks for the medical monday's. i officially dislike andy cohen and for the record this doctor wife was up all night with little kids, cooked/cleaned and cared for said kids all day, ran out of steam, tried to nap while rudely awakened by older child and now i'm just waiting desperately for DrH to get home so WE can figure out dinner (yes probably take out bc my lingerie is dirty buried in a stinky box in the basement and I didn't get a chance to run to whole foods.) rant over=) and i do have dr female friends but we NEVER hang out bc they are SUPER busy!!! we catch up at dr events and once every blue moon meet up for drinks/dinner with hubs in tow.

  17. Ok, I 100% agree on your Bravo commentary! Especially the five points you made :)

    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this because the show is pretty offensive, but my husband and I got a good laugh at it's ridiculous-ness and may keep watching...

    Thanks for hosting! I'm glad to be a part of Medical Mondays :)

  18. LOL! Thanks for stopping by our blog! This post is hilarious. The gals are ranting in our group as well. They even had a watch party for the first episode. It was hilarious. I still haven't seen it.

  19. Thanks for hosting... Just love keeping up with your world and getting a good glimpse of what it's like from both perspectives. Cheers!


  20. Ha! I love this! I too wrote about this show on my blog for the link up! A little unrealistic...Ok A LOT unrealistic! ugh.

  21. This post cracked me up! I did watch both episodes and that's the first thing I thought... WHO payed their student debt?! How are they living like they've been in the field for years when they're obviously still very young. I watch it and probably still continue to only bc it IS a train wreck that I cannot look away from :)

  22. I'm really looking forward to watching this show at some point, with all the conversations and posts going on about it! Sounds hilarious! Happy MM!

  23. Okay, I have to watch this show now LOL. Of course, it has to be over the top or no one would watch it.

  24. I haven't seen it, but I was expecting it to be pretty much just like you said it would - but come one, that's what we're all like right? Party it up all day, fight with each other....looks like another unreal "real" housewives - I think I just might have to peek in on the train wreck though....

  25. I used to have the same sort of reaction to submarine movies and television shows. Then I realized that I don't get upset when gravity runs amuck during Road Runner cartoons so now I just accept these shows for what they are - Hollywood trash.

  26. I couldn't get past the opening credits. Where did they get those hoochy mamas?


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