Thursday, April 25, 2013

NBC News: Easy Come, Easy Go

A few days ago, I was on taking a ride on the proverbial Cloud 9.

I had been contacted by a journalist for NBC News and the Today Show website and asked to contribute to a story to which this little blog would be linked.

The dream of having this little blog shed its Pull-Ups and finally try on its first pair of big girl panties was intoxicating!

I enthusiastically answered all her questions. The questions were lofty softballs, and I was able to hit them straight out of the park. My fingers were typing out the answers at the sped only a mother can understand...the speed at which a mother can pee, poop, shower, and dress while her child teeters in delicate napland.

I was ready and eager for this next phase of the game. As I was typing away, I was thinking of all the new med life peeps out there I could connect with and bring to this party of ours. Like I try to be in all aspects of life, I was a step ahead of the game envisioning a larger community and support group.

Then, I begun to think about the journalist. I wondered exactly how much of my blog she had read. I wondered if she had read the "About Me" and "Full Disclosure" pages. Even though my insides told me, of course she did, I decided I should make sure she read everything.

Apparently, she had not. She could not a use my answers without using my legal name, city and state.


I explained I had a duty to protect my family and our livelihood. She completely understood my predicament, and still wanted to use the stories I had offered up. She suggested another option-- use my legal name and NOT link my blog.

Well, that defeated the purpose.

I have never typed out a word on this blog, hoping to see my name in lights.  I begun this blog simply to vent and rebut the common complaints about doctors.

Over time, this blogged morphed into a small, little community of support and friendship both in and out of the medical world. A community I cherish and hope to grow.

So, NBC news and the Today Show came and went.

Easy come, easy go.



  1. I understand your decision completely, but would love for someone to hit the air and debunk some the misconceptions! You would have been great:-)

  2. UGH! Agreed, you would have been GREAT!
    Definitely a very respected decision to protect your family and livelihood, no one can blame you for that.

  3. Aww, sorry. Such is the plight of living in the medical world. :(

  4. That stinks! I'm not sure why they couldn't have done the story and let you remain anonymous?! Lame.

  5. Have you seen the cover of Us Magazine? Looks like you dodged a bullet.

  6. Yeah. The clock of anonymity.

    I like blogging under a pseudonym. But folks hate on the fact that I never post pictures of myself.


  7. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Just found your blog through SITS Sharefest and I'm looking forward to hopping around! What a great blog concept. I'm the wife of a CPA; somehow I don't think that would make for an interesting blog :)


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