Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Size Matters

It not new news. We all know damn well a woman's size matters.

Thanks to those airbrushed magazine covers, many of us females find ourselves doing that iconic, ironic run... you know the one I speak of. We mount that treadmill in an effort to shed those calories which have deposited themselves one our backside, all while watching how to make the most perfect Tiramissou. We run after the foods that put us on the treadmill in the first place!

But, we do it... because the editors of Vogue have told us size matters.

However, today I'm feeling the ground shift. It's not just women who need to worry about the size of their waist, the size of their bust line, or their cup size.

Guys, BEWARE! Your size matters, too!

I can already feel the number cases of penile enlargements increasing.

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