Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Beau Hunk Saga: It's Over!

This weekend the news broke... D2 and the Beau Hunk are over.

Music to this step-mama's ears!

On Friday, LB just couldn't hold it in anymore. Under his breath, he told me he wasn't sure, but he thinks the ill-fated relationship was kaput. He asked that I didn't say anything, so I kept his confidence tucked safely away in brassiere where nothing can escape.

I has to wait a whole day until I found myself alone with D2 and in a mood to talk. I nonchalantly asked her when the Beau Hunk would be coming home again. After all, prom is only two weeks away and all year long he promised he would be able to take her to her senior prom.

She spilled the whole sad truth. They had broken up two weeks ago and never mentioned it to anyone. I think she was hoping for a reconciliation, leaving us in the dark and minimizing further parental loathing. As if that could happen.

She simply sighed and reassured me, or perhaps really herself, it was okay and she would find somebody else. Despite a flood of questions I had for her, I bypassed the inquisition with simple agreement and a reminder that there are plenty of fish in the sea...

...Better fish -- MUCH BETTER fish.

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  1. Congrats! Maybe Eagle Scout has some friends for her?

  2. LOL....can't wait to hear the rest!!!! Praise Jesus this boyfriend will be a sad little story she will re-tell HER daughter when she is happily married to a winner. :)

  3. Yeah! Of course we knew this day would eventually come... the break up with bad boy seems to be a rite of passage. She did it, and will find better and wonder what the heck she thought she was doing with him in the first place. Oh, what relief for you! She is a wise girl:-)


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