Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Complexity of Teens

By nature, teens are very complex individuals. Adult-like on the outside, yet sophomoric on the inside.

They continuously present their parents with dichotomies...

At home, they yell at us, "I am NOT a child!" Two minutes later, "Mom! I can't find Stuffy!!

At practice, they shake you off, motioning for you not to watch. Yet, right after practice is over, they ask, "How did I do?"

They ridicule your inability to grasp modern day fashion. Yet, they will still ask, "How does this look" as they twirl in front of you, only to brush off your answer when you are displeased with the ensemble.

They remind you how lucky you are to have such sweet teens for kids. Yet, later that evening you hear yelling coming from upstairs... "LB! Stop being such a butt-chunk!" Sweet.

They ask for privileges such as dating and driving, noting their responsible behavior. Five minutes later they are running around the house yelling, "Has anybody seen my debit card!?"

These oppositions are a daily occurrences in any parent-teen relationship. They are mentally exhausting. They break you down. You begin to question how these teen beings could be related to you. These possibly could not be the same people I birthed!

And, just as you begin to question, a reminder is set before you.

Today, on our way to school, we heard this on the radio...

We listened as the resilient people of Boston sang the most powerful version of National Anthem I've ever heard at a sporting event.

I teared up, and confessed my emotions to D3. I looked at her and noticed tears in her eyes as she looked at me and simply said, "Oh my gosh, ME TOO!!"

We sat in the car in silence, both sniffling our emotions away.

And all I thought was YES, she is my daughter.


  1. That opener was just one of the reasons I am so proud to be from Boston! Great post - you hit the nail on the head. It feels like something I would say to my mom :)

  2. Wow, I wasn't expecting my reaction to be so sudden, but as soon as the crowd hit that first note/word "proud" I was watering. Amazing, and proud to be an American. My heart hurts for the people of that community, and now West Texas too.


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