Monday, April 8, 2013

Universities and Bedsheets

As you may have heard, D3 and I spent all last week touring universities. It was early (she is only a sophomore), but I felt I needed to tangle a carrot in front of her. She just needs a goal as a motivator, and now she has one. The trip did its job. She is high as a kite on one school and knows exactly what she has to do to get there.

This was us... all week long.
The trip did it's job on me as well. Since we were going to cover a large geographic area, we flew to the southern most school, rented a car and road tripped around to visit other schools. We stayed in three different hotels throughout our five day trip.

And I learned something about myself.

I am now a hotel snob, too.

Our first night started out just fine. pulled through with a fantastic room in a very plush Grand Hyatt. Clean room, luxury bathroom, tastefully designed, and beautiful pools. Luxury at every turn.

Me likey...

D3 was in awe of the place. I was blissfully happy.

But that was only one night.

Day two, we travelled out of the area to another hotel, which turned out to be a luxury motel.

Would have been perfectly fine, if only for higher thread count.
When we arrived they were serving a free wine and cheese happy hour, so I couldn't complain too much. The room was very nice, but I verbalized my displeasure with the low thread count sheets. At that point in time, D3 said, "MOTHER! Seriously?!" I felt shame, but dang, the hair stubble on my legs was catching on the sheets all night long.

We spent the next day touring two schools and road tripped to another town and another hotel.

I knew we were in trouble the minute we pulled into the parking lot. The website photo looked nothing like the stark reality of the place. We were in motel hell. It was only confirmed the second we approached the doors to the worn-down lobby.

We checked in, received our keys, and were given a map to our room which face the freeway. As we rode up the elevator to our second floor room, was that mold or piss I smelled? Still not sure.

D3 and I approached our door. The keys would not work. Back to the lobby. Re-progam the keys. Finally, we enter. One step in and I wish we hadn't. Gross, dirty, sticky, moldy.

Not joking.

I text Doc H. He tells me to "watch out for bbs." I'm thinking forget bb guns! There are probably real guns around these type of places! Then I realize he's talking about bed bugs. Ugh!! I didn't sleep a wink.

I was so scared we'd end up like this.

In fact, at 2:31am I called the local Sheraton to see if they had any cancellations.

They did not. We were stuck. For not one, but two nights.

I've never been so happy to be home!

My bedsheets are awesome.


  1. Glad the trip was successful. Perhaps high on the list of college attributes for D3 should be the availability of a 4 star hotel. Who wants to end up in the place again. I may have slept in the car. Gross.

  2. Where in carnation was that third college??? I don't think I could allow any of my kids to go to school without a decent hotel around. Snobby? Maybe but I hear what you are saying! I once booked a "Days Inn" that looked GREAT. One step through the front door plus a few bugs and dark corners left me backtracking immediately. Good story for the blog...I might have nightmares for you! My mom took me college shopping as a sophomore as well. The carrot worked. I had my sights set on busting out of dodge and I went to college on the other side of the country. Haven't looked back since! Best wishes for a smooth end of high school. :)

  3. Ugh...I am disgusted FOR you :x I will admit though, I am a total hotel snob. I'm an absolute creature of comfort and probably WOULD have slept in my car if I was worried about bed bugs! Glad the trip was so great though...when I was in HS, I know going off to college was a definite motivator :)

  4. High thread count sheets are a must!! I guess I'm a snob too ;)

  5. I feel ya! Hotel snob here too. Even on our tight residency budget, that is one thing I won't budge on! Priceline usually doesn't disappoint though. Sorry you had bad luck on the last one, and glad the college tour was a success!

  6. Since my mom will camp in the car and throw a fit if she so much as smells smoke anywhere in a hotel, I was raised as a hotel snob. In fact, the people that I study in the nineteenth-century were often hotel snobs. Join the club. Since 1833 (or thereabouts).

    My dad learned that you ought to look at reviews and also at hotel ratings. Occasionally we've stayed at a motel if it's ranked in the chain's top three levels in the last year. That means it's AWESOME (and cheap). But usually the reviews will tell you if anyone's died in the hotel, etc. :) Good luck!!



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