Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teen Tales: Snapshots in Our Memory

There are moments in a mother's life which we capture like snapshots in our memory. When our children are young, those moments tend to be milestone moments...the first time your eyes lock with your newborn, the celebration of your son's first t-ball "homerun", or the proud look on their face when they realize they have been selected student of the month. If you have children, I'm sure you can rattle off many more such moments you've experienced with your children.

Those are the moments which feed us strength and patience through the tough times.

Like all parents, I look forward to these sweet, blissful moments. However, I admit to you, these moments become less and less frequent as your sweet children morph into blasé teens. The enthusiasm in teens is abysmal at best, especially with parents. While they'll whoop it up with their friends over a team victory, as their parent, your heart jumps for joy if they simply crack a half-grin as they look your way (or at least you think they're looking your way - you're not really sure, but you tell yourself yes, that look is meant for me) as you sit up in the bleachers doing your absolute best not to do anything that could be misconstrued as "embarrassing". Death to you for cheering too loud.

Yes, it's been awhile since I've seen that deliciously wonderful look of pride shoot across LB's adorable face. At the age of 13, not much phases him. While I haven't tried it, I'm fairly confident I could tell him we were heading to DisneyWorld this weekend and he would respond with a simply understated, "Cool."

So, to the observant waitress who is either not shy about dishing out compliments or simply blurts out her thoughts as they run concurrently through her mind, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your words caused a reaction in LB I haven't seen since...since... I can't remember.

Your words caused LB to straighten up in is seat. He sat straight. He sat tall. He BEAMED with pride, smiling, making contact with both me and Doc H. Furthermore, when you left our table side, LB continued to revel in your remark. It was, indeed, a snapshot memory for me... one I will never forget.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling LB, "Oh my God! Your hair is perfect!"

LB's hair doppleganger


  1. Ha! My five year old, yes 5 year old, is so so vain about his hair. He would be beaming to get a compliment like this!!

    1. Oh, boy! You're in trouble!! LB has always been attentive to his hair, too! ;)

  2. My son has far from perfect hair, but he has gotten comments about his looks forever. My concern, though - has been the whole blase thing. He just turned twelve and most of the time he doesn't want to walk "with me" anymore, its more me trailing along behind him. And he is almost my height. Any day now... I've raised my girls and they always stayed interested and friendly, for the most part. I learned to respect boundaries but my son is my baby so perhaps this is why I feel differently with him! LOL.

    I'm finally getting around to responding to the SITS Sharefest posts. I'm glad I made it over here FINALLY!

  3. That is too cute. My son is working on that hairstyle, but I want to cut it so badly! At this point I don't care who says it looks good, until he can figure out how to comb it it has to come off:-)

  4. I still remember when my oldest son -now 35- was that age. He was in 6th grade and my youngest was in kindergarten. I had to pick the youngest up from school and my oldest would walk past me with all his friends. All his friends would say "Hi Mrs. D " while he would sail past not even looking my way. As if nobody knew I was his Mom, he had just sprung up out of the earth with no parents or family. LOL


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