Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Evil Stepmother

Stepmothers are traditionally vilified, having been boxed into the evil stereotypes perpetuated by aged, yet classic stories. You know the ones I speak of... do I really need to list them all? Didn't think so.

Yet, here I sit. The evil stepmother waiting to receive a text from bio-mom which will dictate my day. Technically, it is "her" day, but I must await her text before I can plan my day. Will I be driving LB to practice or will she? Mind you, driving him to practice takes three and a half hours out of my day because we live further away from the practice site than she does.

I feel like her dog.

What's a stepmother to do? Tell her I cannot or will not drive LB? Tell her it's her responsibility? If I did, she will simply not drive him to practice. I'm not into letting the kids suffer due to divorce.

So, here I sit, waiting for that damn text, so I can get on with my day.

~I'm soooooo evil.~


  1. Ugh, how frustrating that would be. I was pretty lucky when I was with The Polish Guy, his ex always treated me with consideration.

  2. That sounds like a huge pain.

    It's so sad that fairy tales give step-mothers a bad name. My step-mother is one of the most fantastic people I know, and I consider myself lucky to have an extra mom (and my mom is pretty awesome too). You seem like a pretty great step-mother too!

  3. Just repeat "there's a reason you're the ex" over and over and over again. OR learn the theme song to "I married a monster" because that tune will NEVER get out of your head. It will keep you occupied while you wait.

    Bad advice from the hasn't-even-really-had-a-boyfriend-let-alone-been-married girl,

  4. I always wondered how those arrangements worked. Silly me, I thought when it was one parents day they did all the stuff because it was their turn, and wouldn't they want to have the WHOLE day? Step-moms get a bad wrap. Just a few more years of "sharing" and then the kids will be adults:-(


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