Monday, June 24, 2013


We seem to have a metaphorical, yet perpetual, cover of June gloom hovering over our family.

After I seemingly left my eyeball on a stick a week and a half ago, the misery continues to run through our family. Late Thursday night, our eldest came down with a violent 48 hour stomach virus--the kind which makes you think two facing commodes placed 18 inches apart should be a regular amenity in every bathroom.

Luckily, our youngest had a tournament which began early Friday morning. He and I left before we had an opportunity to even realize the eldest was ill. We packed up and headed out with our bowels and bile still intact.

At 10am, Doc H phoned me to notify me that he had spoken with our eldest prior to leaving for work and notified me of her symptoms. My mind immediately sprinted through the meals I had offered up the day before. Nothing seemed toxic. I felt pretty confident no spew could be blamed on me.

An hour later, Doc H called saying he might be fighting similar symptoms.


By noon, Doc H called me to tell me he cancelled the remainder of his clinic.

Excuse me?

My butt puckered.

The man will work through back strains, neck sprains, awful cold viruses, and even a feverous flu. The last time Doc H called in sick was almost ten years ago when he had pneumonia.

This must be some serious shit.

By the time our youngest and I were on our way home, I realized our house was full of shit and vomit. I declared our house a disaster area. Doc H agreed quarantine was a reasonable course of action. I, and the rest of the kids, disbursed, taking shelter away from home with just the clothes on our backs. I wore no make for two days. TWO DAYS. That's right. I ran around town, to and fro sports tournaments, even had conversations with other parents, scaring their own shit out of them (I'm not blind, I realize I lack in the "natural beauty" department-- it's all smoke and mirrors over here) in order to hold onto my own shit.


Two days later on Sunday, we were given the all clear. After Doc H had decontaminated the house with Lysol and our bed with a fresh set of sheets, we hesitantly returned. I found myself holding my breath in the house running outside every 45 seconds for a fresh breath of healthy air.

Today, Doc H returned to the OR with only one meal in his stomach. While his bodily fluids were no longer running amok, he still felt a touch off.

However, the man is always up for a challenge and today, the challenge may just be holding his shit together.

He's a tough shit.


  1. I feel your pain. My DS is fighting the same GI bug. I've been cleaning up crap & vomit for a couple of days now, except we were on a family vacation. I feel bad for the kid, but nothing tops off the trip like being 10 ft from pulling into the driveway and an ungodly amount of puke shooting from the little boy. Naturally, he did not use the bag I placed next to him for that very reason. Ugh!!
    Glad you guys are in the clear!

    1. OMGoodness! It must be going around then! Yikes! Cleaning up is so much fun, isn't it? :/
      Hope your home is cootie free very soon!

  2. Such a heart warming post.

    1. Can't you just feel the love, Joe??? I can't imagine what happens on a sub when such a virus hits. What term do you use? Fire in the hole? I'm sure you could've weaved a wonderful tale out of this (dare I say it) "material".

    2. I do have a diarrhea tail (pun intended), and it happened on a submarine while in port in Toulon, France, almost 30 years ago. Maybe there is a post there.

  3. That evil bug got our house in the spring. Kid2 had it and it was pretty terrible. She goes back to school and that night down I went, with the hubs at work late. I mean I haven't felt that bad in maybe ever. I literally could not move the entire next day without everything coming back up. Thank God it only got the 2 of us. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Two days without makeup? I would have stopped at Target for reinforcements or something- you are brave!

    1. I'm so glad I didn't get it! I feel like a dodged a bullet! :)

  4. I just got that bug on Saturday and I still feel the effects of it today. Luckily my hubby didn't catch it. I'm glad your household is feeling better.


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