Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You Know You're a Surgeon's Wife When... {Vol. 6}

According to Bravo's "Married to Medicine", I'm this...

But, given this...

 Reality TV would have a Doctor's Wife do this...

No wait, they'd have us the do this...

But, those are fake Doctors' Wives.
I'm real. 
I was dropping one kid off and in thirty minutes, 
I had to leave to pick up another.

I had already learned my lesson about 
calling Doc H with car troubles, 
{inevitably, he's always elbow deep in someone's torso}
and calling a tow truck to fix the flat
would simply take too much time.

So, I did what any real-life,  resilient
Doctor's Wife would do...

I took matters into my own hands.

I jacked that puppy up
and changed that effing tire myself.

Feeling pretty damned proud of myself
and incredibly grateful to my father
for teaching me how to rotate my own tires at 16,
I sent Doc H a text...

And, while I scratched myself up a tad
and got my hands a little dirty...

I think I did a pretty good job
upholding the title of Doctor's Wife...

No nail was broken or chipped.

{the real truth}
it doesn't even occur to you to reach out 
for your husband's help when faced with car troubles.

{the lighthearted spin on the situation}
you can change your own flat tire
without damaging your french manicure.

I'm going with the lighthearted version.
If you're a doctor's wife, 
so should you. 

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  1. I think that is *awesome*!!!! Real life medicine for sure :) My man is premed (MCAT this summer!) and up to his elbows in full-time school, full-time job. For the first time, I took both our vehicles into the shop to get oil changes, tire rotation (oops...don't know how to do that yet! :) and maintenance done. I was pretty proud of myself for that. But I haven't changed a tire...yet ;)

  2. This is awesome. Even more awesome is that you can change a tire. Everyone should learn that skill - docs, their spouses, and every other person on Earth.

  3. Girl power! And seriously how did you not ruin that manicure??

  4. Way to go! Gotta take care of that business for yourself! Ain't nobody got time to wait on a doctor for that. Ha! Oh and there's no reason to mess up a perfectly good manicure! :-)

  5. I saw one episode of that show. That was plenty. And I am jealous of those nails.

  6. Way to go! I've never changed a tire myself actually. The only time I had a flat, I was single and my coworker felt sorry for me so she had her boyfriend come by to put the spare on! I can't imagine asking my husband to do it. I'd be waiting all day before he finally got out of doing pacemakers or something...

  7. OhmyGOSH!
    I've never changed a tire either.
    The one time my tire totally blew out on the interstate, I was lucky enough to have a cop pull up behind me and change my tire for me.
    but hey, You got it DONE!!
    {I hope I still have a donut in my car??}

  8. Ha!!! You better work LOL. I really need to pay attention when my husband is changing our tires out next time, because I have NO idea what to do or where to begin LOL.

    I really enjoyed your post!


  9. I am impressed, not a single chip on those nails! I have to remember sometimes that my husband can help me and I should give him the chance every now and again. But usually I am half finished with whatever it is before I think of it.

  10. Wow! I am so impressed you didn't chip a nail - and I never bother The Ray Doc at work either!!

    Kudos to you!!

  11. Ha I love this! I am a doctors wife too and that Married to Medicine show kills me! Im like put me on there I'll show you what its really like ;) Great blog!

  12. Oh, dear. Same thing goes for lawyer's wives, I think. Is that Married to Medicine show any good? Can't bring myself to watch it, because it seems like it would just be ridiculous.

  13. wow! you are a bawwssss. never changed a tire and never plan to. my dad is worthless in the mechanical department. my husband could pull it off but as a resident i would be better off hitch hiking home!.that is fantastic. i bet you had to hold back some tears thinking how ridiculous it is you're stranded and the hubs is "unavailable". i've had too many of those moments lately. carry on warrior woman!

  14. Go you! My senior year of high school (all girls Catholic school) our Civics teacher actually graded us on our ability to change a car tire. He said we needed to learn real life skills! I'm still grateful for that lesson.

  15. Not a doctor's wife, but totally impressed that you changed that tire yourself and didn't ruin your manicure! You go girl!

  16. Lol! Reading your post today reminded me how much I've missed you! I took a break from blogosphere but now I'm back! Because of changes in my life I've had to "man up" and do things that I would have my husband do. Like changing tires, chasing raccoons out of the yard, and picking up the dead critters on my doorstep that my cat lovingly brings home to us. And to not ruin the manicure to boot!! Have a great day!

  17. I am very impressed. Sadly, I have no idea how to change a tire. I have driven all the way home on a flat. I didn't know it was flat...I can be quite oblivious.

  18. My post earlier this week totally made me think of these sagas you write about! I gave the "You know you're a surgeon's wife when..." a little shoutout too! :)

    Great job on the tire - I totally would have chipped a nail.

  19. So true! No doctor has time to leave surgery to help with kids or house's all left up to the efficient lady of the house!

  20. Keep "Fix-A-Flat" in your trunk. Also a pump.


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