Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Fix Your No Reply Blogger Issue

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this tweet:

That's right, after a year and a half of blogging, I've decided to try something new. If someone takes the time to comment, I do my best to reply. But, let's face it... how many of us remember to go back to look for our reply? I'd like to make life a little easier for those lovelies who comment. Imagine my surprise when I discovered more than half of you who comment are the dreaded NO REPLY blogger! 

Do you know what it means when you are a NO REPLY blogger? It means your email is not available for bloggers like me to reply to your comment via email. {enter sad face here}

If you think you may be a NO REPLY blogger and would like to remedy this situation, follow my easy instructions.

Log in to your Blogger homepage.
Click on the arrow next to your profile icon...

Next, click on "Edit Profile"

Make sure "Show my email address" is checked.

Finally, don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page 
and hit the "SAVE" button.

All done! You'll now find comment replies in your email!

Monday, July 22, 2013

What I Learned About Hoarders

I learned something this weekend, so I thought I would share my newfound knowledge with my readers whom I appreciate and love so much...

Never, EVER, fall asleep while watching

You'll end up having nightmares which include
Lindsey Lohan.

And, I'm not talking this one..
....the cute one.

I'm talking this one...
the you're-so-scary,-please-don't-even-look-at-me one.

Mix Lindsey with
that famous scene from Psycho

and these...

and hungry

and you'll wake up
like this, thinking

but feel more like this...
Mama, I so skay--ooed!!!

Seriously, my friends...
 I contemplated 
taking up thumb-sucking again.

I'm fairly confident my late night dinner
with Doc H which consisted of
spicy Mexican food and 
prickly pear margaritas
had no effect whatsoever 
on the aforementioned dream.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Spousal Chatter: Morning Chat

Early this morning...

What are you doing today?


What are you doing today?

I dunno.

Hmm. Okay. See you later.

With four kids, 
{20, 18, 15, 13}
I'm sure I'll find some drama 
that'll need to be extinguished. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Driving Teens

We've been flying by the seat of our pants and I'm exhausted. Every morning, I detest the thought of driving teens around town. D3 is weeks away from turning 16 and she still hasn't finished her online driver's ed course. At this rate, she'll be a senior before she gets her driver's license.

I'm so tired of driving her and LB around...
swim practice
advance sport camp
dance class
private lessons
friend's house
pick up friend
drop off at mall
pick up at mall
drop off at movies
pick up at movies
drop off at local amusement park
pick up at local amusement park
run their errands
... and that's just a partial list!

Sometimes, I just want to yell at her, HURRY UP, ALREADY!!! I'M TIRED OF DRIVING YOU ALL OVER TOWN!!!

However,  I keep reminding myself of the enormous piles of money we're saving each and every month that passes without her driving. Teen auto insurance is a killer!

Plus, I always know where she is.... another bonus!
Plus, I don't have to worry she's suspended upside down in her car waiting for the jaws of life to set her free.... BONUS BONANZA!!

I'll get behind the wheel now, and continue to drive these teens in silence.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Step-Mother Diary: SHE asked ME

I found myself walking the streets with D2 yesterday.

Incase visions of a mother-{step}daughter hooking team come to mind, let me relieve such notions; she was soliciting local business for sponsorships and advertising for her University's cheerleading program. I was simply keeping her company and coaching her sales technique as we walked from one business to another. 

At one point, as I was waiting for her, I took note of the perfect weather, the lovely city she and D1 are now residing in, and this wonderful moment I was enjoying with D2. And then it dawned on me...

SHE asked ME to come out with her. SHE asked ME if I could accompany her. SHE asked ME for guidance. SHE asked ME.

Not her mother.

It was already a sunny day, but at that exact dawning, it felt as if the sun shined a particularly brighter ray on me. After all those trying times we endured during her high school years, there was one enduring constant- I was there for her.

I may have been mad. I may have been upset. I may have been frustrated. However, regardless of how I was feeling, I was there. I was always there to take care of her.  I was always willing to rearrange my schedule to give rides, attend events, games and competitions. I always opened our home to anyone she cared to invite in, despite our trepidations or distain.

And, yesterday, I realized the payback. D2 could have easily picked up the phone to invite her mother to accompany and help her out, but that's not what she did. 

SHE asked ME, and I'm sure it more to me than she could or would ever realize.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Carpooling In the Name of Medicine

As if it's not enough to chauffeur our two youngest, non-driving teens around town, bright and early yesterday morning I found myself pushing through traffic while Doc H sat in the passenger seat of my car.

At roughly 6:50am, while I was still in a groggy state, my phone rang. The idea was pitched to me like this...
I have to go to {a hospital 45 minutes away} to see a patient. I have a window of time after my 7am meeting and before my clinic starts. Do you think you could go with me, so I can use the carpool lane? It would give us a good opportunity to visit with each other.
Doc H's last sentence should give you a clear indication of how much time we've been spending together lately. {Waa - waa - waaaaaaa.}

An hour later, we were on the road and while we were able to "visit" on the drive up, medical terms bounced off the interior walls of my car on the drive back. I simply drove while Doc H returned phone calls.

Both hands on the wheel, tunes turned all the way off, I sighed and thought, all I'm missing is a cap.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I've Said to Our Teens

"C'mon! I didn't just fall of the back of a truck, you know!"

"Do you really think I was born this old?"

"Guess what?! I did ALL this and did it better than you! How do I know?...I didn't get caught!"


"How did we figure it out? Seriously? There was a movie based on this exact situation. It's called 'Ferris Bueller'."

"Excuse me, but didn't I tell you this would happen?"

"Nobody listens to me."

"I'm sorry, but didn't we tell you if you ever get into an accident to stop and exchange insurance information? Not- take off in a panic(in front of witnesses), dump the car (across the street from the police station) and run for home!"

"And you really believed that?"

"Next time you decided to try to pull the wool over our eyes and spend the night somewhere else other then where you told us you would be, perhaps you should take your GPS with you so you can find your way back to where you were supposed to be. That way you won't have to call us crying that you're lost after walking aimlessly from street to street at 6am."

"You what?!"

"Ohhhhh.... TRY me."

Do you have teens? What have you found yourself saying?
What were some goodies your parents told your teen self?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing the Eagle Scout

I'm missing the Eagle Scout.

Why, you ask? He was kicked out of the nest. Back in May, D3 severed ties with him. One day, she woke up, realized they had been dating for a little over six months, and decided that was long enough.

I'll say this, if nothing else, D3 is a practical gal with a mature soul.

When I asked if something happened between them, D3 simply stated, "Not really, but I'm not even 16 yet and don't you thing six months is a long relationship for someone my age?"

Old soul.

Now, there's a new boy. I don't know him well enough to nickname him yet. And, truthfully, I hope he doesn't last long enough to warrant a nickname. Why, you ask?

I stalked him on Facebook.

There I found quasi-questionable photos. Okay. Not a complete deal breaker.

There I found unsavory language posted by friends, but not him. Okay? Hmmmm...

There I found a comment on a photo left by....

wait for it...

wait for it...

take a guess...

do you have your guess?...

wait a second...

Yes, there below a quasi-questionable photo was a comment left by THE BEAU HUNK!


Yes. Seriously.

Has anyone ever figured out how to attach a nipple to a wine bottle? I think I may need those instructions.

{Click here for the next installment of the Beau Hunk saga}

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So, I Went

First, I have to say... What a GREAT Medical Monday link up we had last week! If you haven't visited the blogs, do it! If you didn't link up this month, be sure to put Monday, August 5th on your calendar!

Thanks to all who shared their opinions on "Should I Stay or Should I Go". I took it all into consideration, then...

Very old photo,
but you gives you that "ROAD TRIP!!" feeling, doesn't it?
I packed the dog up and I WENT!

I had a very nice time with my parents and some other family I don't normally get to see often. We shared great meals and great laughs. I'm sure it will be a trip we will all remember for years to come.

I'll admit- I did miss Doc H and felt bad I had left him behind. His 6 days and nights on-call were busy, but not overly outrageous. He was able to spend time at home practicing his guitar playing. When we spoke on the evening on the 4th, he was glad I took off with the dog. Apparently, the fireworks were relentless and our pooch would not have fared well at home.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! The pooch and I did!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I'm in my usual quandary...

You see, while most families are preparing BBQs,
(Photo Credit: pricechopper.wordpress.com)

delicious red, white and blue treats,
Photo Credit: punchbowl.com/p/re-white-and-blue-cocktails

 and decorating their homes in patriotic themes,

I am twiddling my thumbs trying to make a decision.

Should I stay or should I go?

Today Doc H begins a six day stretch of on-call duty. That's right, 144 hours of pages.

So, do I stay home over the July 4th holiday, hoping he will have a "quiet" 4th of July where he can come home for dinner? If I go, he'll be alone for six days. Working. I hate leaving him behind. I hate going on a "vacation" while he stays behind to work.

The guilt! The guilt! The nuns should be proud.

Or should I go out of town? I'll be alone, but at least I'll have a pretty view and I'll be able to visit family?

Mind you, all our kids have their own plans between work, friends, travel, etc...

By staying home, I am assuming the risk of spending the 4th of July by myself. There's a good possibility I'll end up spending the holiday watching the Boston Pops Firework special on television all by myself, eating a festive holiday dinner I made for Doc H all by myself, trying to calm our neurotic, firework-hating dog all by myself, cursing the hospital for being open on holidays, cursing patients for needing a bypass on a holiday (I mean, couldn't they just hold it a few hours?) and kicking myself for, again, allowing myself to get into another "hospital widow" predicament.

Should I stay or should I go?


Monday, July 1, 2013

Medical Monday {July Edition}: Being Grateful

Since we last met up for a Medical Monday, things have gone a little south. In case you missed the low lights, I'll list them here:

I began writing this blog in a fit of anger over how unappreciated and misunderstood my doctor husband and his profession are by lay people.

I grew angry at Facebook rants such as "GRRR... made to wait 40 minutes in my asshole doctor's office! Why can't he book an earlier tee time?! I've got a life, too!"

Lady, my husband doesn't even know how to play golf, let alone have time to walk nine holes. 

That might have been the life of doctors of the early Baby Boomer era, but that leisurely lifestyle is long gone for most working doctors today.

So, I bitch a lot on this blog. But, I laugh, too. I have too. Otherwise, I'd be a very unhappy camper. Like call-my-mom-at-2am-and-come-pick-your-daughter-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night unhappy. I consider my sense of humor my saving grace amongst this crazy.

However, I did want to change my tune a little today to underscore some of the highlights, or perks, of being married to medicine.

This weekend, Doc H and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Now, now... before you go running to leave a Happy Anniversary comment below, I should disclose that this weekend was not really our anniversary. No. That would be breaking from tradition for almost every celebratory event in our lives. On our true anniversary, which passed weeks ago, Doc H was working. We didn't see each other. However, he did see the card I left him on his pillow when he got home that night (or morning... not sure). He also saw me snoring just beside it.


This past weekend was just the first available evening we had to acknowledge the occasion.

Doc H made the reservations...

You better bet I strapped on my most expensive pair of shoes for this night out! Dressed to the nines, we set out in Doc H's toy car for some splashy eats, fancy drinks, and fun chit chat amongst ourselves.

Yes, our dinner was super delish, super expensive, and super memorable. 

We had a lovely moment where we could simply enjoy our life.

I came home so grateful to be living this life of Your Doctor's Wife.

On with the show.......

We appreciate all our Medical Monday participants! You all have helped us develop a fantastic community of friendship and support! Next month we will be celebrating MM one year anniversary! Be sure to mark it on your calendar. Along with our regular link up party, we will have a giveaway which is sure to please! 

On to this month's party!!!.....

Are you confused if you qualify for the party?

If you have a pager interrupting your life... you DEFINITELY qualify!
Do you work in healthcare?
Doctor? Nurse? EMT? Chiropractor? Vet? Dentist? Therapist?
Are you the spouse or SO of a healthcare worker/student?
Are you a nursing student? Medical student?
Intern? Resident? Fellow?

You get the picture, right? Come on, now... don't be shy! Let's keep growing and meeting new bloggers, so we can build a community of support and friendship, learn from one another, and share our stories.


Here are the rules:
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