Friday, July 12, 2013

Carpooling In the Name of Medicine

As if it's not enough to chauffeur our two youngest, non-driving teens around town, bright and early yesterday morning I found myself pushing through traffic while Doc H sat in the passenger seat of my car.

At roughly 6:50am, while I was still in a groggy state, my phone rang. The idea was pitched to me like this...
I have to go to {a hospital 45 minutes away} to see a patient. I have a window of time after my 7am meeting and before my clinic starts. Do you think you could go with me, so I can use the carpool lane? It would give us a good opportunity to visit with each other.
Doc H's last sentence should give you a clear indication of how much time we've been spending together lately. {Waa - waa - waaaaaaa.}

An hour later, we were on the road and while we were able to "visit" on the drive up, medical terms bounced off the interior walls of my car on the drive back. I simply drove while Doc H returned phone calls.

Both hands on the wheel, tunes turned all the way off, I sighed and thought, all I'm missing is a cap.


  1. at least you had the drive up together...

  2. That's kinda lonely. But I guess any time is time spent together...

  3. I guess living with a doctor, you would have unconsciously developed a dictionary of medical terms without neccessarily checking up their meanings. Would like to know your favourite terms you've heard from Doc H. Is debridement one of them?


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