Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Driving Teens

We've been flying by the seat of our pants and I'm exhausted. Every morning, I detest the thought of driving teens around town. D3 is weeks away from turning 16 and she still hasn't finished her online driver's ed course. At this rate, she'll be a senior before she gets her driver's license.

I'm so tired of driving her and LB around...
swim practice
advance sport camp
dance class
private lessons
friend's house
pick up friend
drop off at mall
pick up at mall
drop off at movies
pick up at movies
drop off at local amusement park
pick up at local amusement park
run their errands
... and that's just a partial list!

Sometimes, I just want to yell at her, HURRY UP, ALREADY!!! I'M TIRED OF DRIVING YOU ALL OVER TOWN!!!

However,  I keep reminding myself of the enormous piles of money we're saving each and every month that passes without her driving. Teen auto insurance is a killer!

Plus, I always know where she is.... another bonus!
Plus, I don't have to worry she's suspended upside down in her car waiting for the jaws of life to set her free.... BONUS BONANZA!!

I'll get behind the wheel now, and continue to drive these teens in silence.


  1. You and that car lately! I hope you have a nice one with all the time you spend in it :)

    1. I know!!! I'm not kidding when I say I've spent the whole summer in the car! I blogged about my car here:
      BTW- I'm trying to respond to comments via email. Did you know you're listed as a no-reply blogger??

  2. I am glad you ended it with still wanting to drive them around. We had three cars when I was 15 and four cars when I was 16. (total waste let me tell you as I was the oldest without a license). I was responsible and drove mostly to where I was supposed to be. My brother was terrible and started driving at 15 without a license getting into tons of trouble. I hope I will be okay with driving my kids around despite the exhaustion. I think I'll bust out the mean mommy 'tude and say: catch a ride bc momma's tired (and needs a beer). What happens when you pay all that money for teen insurance and then they start screwing up missing practice, cutting class, becoming un-motivated etc... ??? That's a serious question. I'm terrified of the teen years. I tell DrH they are going to boarding school but he says no way...

  3. Wanna know what's worse? The driving age in NJ is !7!!!!! My son doesn't like it either b/c if we'd never left CA he'd have already been driving since November. Instead...not yet....

    But I'm kind of fearful about the whole thing too.

  4. Buy them some bus tokens and teach them how to look up bus schedules in the 'net. Then give yourself one day a week off. It's good for you and them. Of course this only works if you live somewhere with public transportation.

  5. My parents were so terrified by the idea of a teen driving (and so eager to save money) that they didn't let me get a license until I was 21. And even then, I had to beg other people to teach me how to drive!!

    Like some other people mentioned, my parents did get burned out being the eternal taxi driver and made me get rides with other people and learn to take public transit (aka the bus). Their rules did include no teenage drivers, so I had a lot of friends who were a few years older than me!!

    It's probably fine that she doesn't get her license right away, but it's also probably fine if you draw a line at something. Like Wednesday is Mommy's day off so please find a ride with someone else or stay home.

    So not ready for motherhood,

  6. I am the exact opposite of you. I'd gladly drive them to not have to be sitting up all night praying the State Patrol wouldn't pay me a visit.


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