Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Missing the Eagle Scout

I'm missing the Eagle Scout.

Why, you ask? He was kicked out of the nest. Back in May, D3 severed ties with him. One day, she woke up, realized they had been dating for a little over six months, and decided that was long enough.

I'll say this, if nothing else, D3 is a practical gal with a mature soul.

When I asked if something happened between them, D3 simply stated, "Not really, but I'm not even 16 yet and don't you thing six months is a long relationship for someone my age?"

Old soul.

Now, there's a new boy. I don't know him well enough to nickname him yet. And, truthfully, I hope he doesn't last long enough to warrant a nickname. Why, you ask?

I stalked him on Facebook.

There I found quasi-questionable photos. Okay. Not a complete deal breaker.

There I found unsavory language posted by friends, but not him. Okay? Hmmmm...

There I found a comment on a photo left by....

wait for it...

wait for it...

take a guess...

do you have your guess?...

wait a second...

Yes, there below a quasi-questionable photo was a comment left by THE BEAU HUNK!


Yes. Seriously.

Has anyone ever figured out how to attach a nipple to a wine bottle? I think I may need those instructions.

{Click here for the next installment of the Beau Hunk saga}


  1. You don't need a nipple on that wine bottle, you need an IV feed, and I think you know someone who can hook you up.

    1. If I'm going the IV route, I'll take a shot of fentanyl!


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