Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Step-Mother Diary: SHE asked ME

I found myself walking the streets with D2 yesterday.

Incase visions of a mother-{step}daughter hooking team come to mind, let me relieve such notions; she was soliciting local business for sponsorships and advertising for her University's cheerleading program. I was simply keeping her company and coaching her sales technique as we walked from one business to another. 

At one point, as I was waiting for her, I took note of the perfect weather, the lovely city she and D1 are now residing in, and this wonderful moment I was enjoying with D2. And then it dawned on me...

SHE asked ME to come out with her. SHE asked ME if I could accompany her. SHE asked ME for guidance. SHE asked ME.

Not her mother.

It was already a sunny day, but at that exact dawning, it felt as if the sun shined a particularly brighter ray on me. After all those trying times we endured during her high school years, there was one enduring constant- I was there for her.

I may have been mad. I may have been upset. I may have been frustrated. However, regardless of how I was feeling, I was there. I was always there to take care of her.  I was always willing to rearrange my schedule to give rides, attend events, games and competitions. I always opened our home to anyone she cared to invite in, despite our trepidations or distain.

And, yesterday, I realized the payback. D2 could have easily picked up the phone to invite her mother to accompany and help her out, but that's not what she did. 

SHE asked ME, and I'm sure it more to me than she could or would ever realize.


  1. It's the best feeling in the world :) I'm a step mom and it's the little things that my son does that makes all the crap worth it.

  2. I choose my stepmom all the time, just because like you were to D2, she was my person all through high school when I needed her.


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