Friday, August 30, 2013

All Hail The Chief {Except the Wife}

chief, chief of surgery

Okay, so I'll admit... there are a total of three perks to being married to the Chief.

  • The Chief stipend (and it's most likely not as large as you would think.)
  • The yearly Chiefs conference which is always held at a nice destination.

But the biggest perk is this...

  • Being in charge of the call/vacation schedule.

So, imagine my excitement when I learned Doc H would be attending a conference in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies. I plotted and planned our picturesque trip. I extended our trip 10 days beyond the conference so we could sight see. It would just be the two of us, without the pager, without any presentation looming over him, no conference duties. I was thrilled. This would be Doc H's first REAL vacation in two years.

The two of us alone to rekindle the energy between us... Just the thought of it almost throws me into the type of nirvana a gal can only achieve via the multiple Os. You know what mean?

Our travel dates were marked out in permanent Sharpie on our home calendar, which is just the same as breaking out the chisel and hammer in my book. These dates were set in stone.

Doc H took appropriate action. He posted these dates off on the department calendar and the call schedule. He notified the OR scheduler, the clinic scheduler, and his assistant. He alerted his team.

Every "i" had been dotted. Every "t" had been crossed. Now, we just had to let a few months pass before our trip was upon us.

Our trip is now two weeks away. Now, instead of booking a rental car, or shopping for a new pair of vacation shoes, I find myself shooting off mental Italian salutes into the atmosphere yelling, "Take THAT, you WHITE COATS!"

Doc H's vacation has just gone ker-plunk. As of late,  Doc H's colleagues notified him of their personal vacation plans which fully overlaps our vacation dates. Doc H cannot in good conscience leave his most junior partners (newer attendings) alone without seasoned backup.

So, my husband is staying home to be the Chief, while his colleagues go off and enjoy their vacations.

No wonder they all love their Chief so much.

Me? I'm not loving "the Chief" in him so much right now.

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  1. If these colleagues knew in advance, I'd not invite them to the next Christmas/Holiday-of-Your-Choice party, and if there are any non-refundable expenses, I'd divide them up and send them the bills.

    But then I'm passive/aggresively cranky like that.

  2. Ugh! Now, I see what you're talking about. At least he's being a responsible chief!

    Still, that sucks! You've got my sympathy!

    Ray Doc Wife

  3. Wow! You are way too nice. I would make the rest of them fix THEIR schedules not yours. WTH? How is that even okay? It makes me shiver to think of anyone doing that to my husband after all the years of hard work and sacrifice...I just might cut a b*** as they said on "Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis". Bless your heart. Maybe there is a drink of choice to nurse you through this?....

  4. All I can say is that sucks! This summer I had the pleasure of going on vacation with my four kids for almost 4 weeks with out my husband because he ended up having to work. It sucked not having him there.

  5. I like Library's idea up there! Makes me mad enough to want to spit nails and it isn't even MY vacation that takes the hit. I would like to know what it is about THIS point in the year that sends every doctor on vacation though? I attempted to get into an endocrinologist and was told that due to all the practitioner's vacations and the doctors themselves, I wouldn't get an appointment until January. By then I'll be dead. Type one diabetic having some major issues probably won't wait until January. Obviously this was not the doctor for me :D

    Since you didn't get Canada, I'd say the Caribbean during Christmas would be a close second. :-)

  6. WHAT?!?!?!?! Doc H's colleagues suck, at least with interpersonal etiquette. If it hadn't been obvious before, it's OBVIOUS now.

    I'm SO sorry. I'd offer to go on the vacation for him, but I have a feeling that that's not the same.

  7. I agree with Abigail regarding the colleagues. How blatantly selfish. There's not some policy regarding first come, first serve about vacation time?
    So, if you and Doc H want to go on a real vacation, you have to ask every doctor if they plan on taking vacation first? That's a load of crap.
    Are you at least going to attend the conference?

  8. Oh, that's bad.... and something I can see my husband doing! What an awful thing to do.

  9. Aw that is so frustrating! Can you go solo or go with a girlfriend?


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