Thursday, August 8, 2013

Married Sex

In transit from the bed to the bathroom, I heard myself saying, "Your thumb was in my ear the whole time!"

To which he replied, "All you had to do was say, 'Could you take your thumb out of my ear, please?'"


Yeah. I guess that might have worked.

 photo button1_zps168ed151.jpg


  1. THIS is why I love reading your stuff. I've been laughing all morning!

  2. I had hair down past my shoulders. Grew it out while the husband was doing his Army thing. Number one reason I cut it off is bc he would constantly put trap me during sex with my own hair on accident and I would have to say, get off my hair! which kinda ruined moments so the other choice was to be trapped by my hair. Either way no good. The movies never show how awkward sex really is.

  3. HaHA love the title and the post this is why I love your blog

  4. I love how you keep it real and make me laugh. Mary is right that movies and books never show how really awkward sex is.


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