Monday, August 12, 2013

White Coat Warning, Please!

Okay, my friends, I can't take it anymore, so I present to you my very first DIY and printable-- White Coat Warning.

Over the weekend, while primly dressed in my pumps and pearls, I entertained myself by gaily laundering my family's soiled clothing. Let's go with that visual. The truth {that it was incredibly late in the day, I had yet to bathe, was wearing the previous day's makeup and an outfit with a cumulative age of 57 years old} is not very appealing imagery.

A woman screaming in the laundry room equates to an unexpected finding. Normally, the finding belongs to the insect or reptile family. You know... a spider, army of ants, a lizard, or perhaps even a wayward snake.

Me? I screamed at this...
White Coat Terror!
Unexpected, white coat terror! You see, to me, a self proclaimed germophobe, white coats are carriers of all sorts of germy things-- microscopic things you don't want crawling around your house. For some reason, after ten years of sending his white coats to the hospital contracted cleaners, Doc H has decided he would rather send his white coats to our personal dry cleaners. You remember her, right? Yeah-- she's the one that felt me up.

Terrorized that I had accidentally and unknowingly fondled the bundle of germs while color sorting, I could do nothing but belt out a scream. Per the usual, no one but the dog was home to rush to my aid. 

But, I rushed to the aid of this..

and just in case that wasn't enough to rid my hands of what I was sure to be the plague, I slathered myself up to my armpits with this...

So, I decided if Doc H wanted me to schlep his white coats to the cleaners, we needed a system which would allow me sufficient time to properly prepare for the job ahead. I'm talking rubber gloves, tongs, and plastic garbage bags.

Here's my system...
You can have it to...
white coat warning printable

Get your White Coat Warning printable and start your own warning system today!


  1. Hahaha this is too funny! I'm a pretty big germaphobe with some things, as well... of course, I say that and it prompted me to look around my room to see where I whipped off my white coat when I got home today... yep. I'm sitting on it. Right on my bed. Gross.

  2. What a great graphic! I am just praying I don't see a white coat in the house for a long time. People seeing my husband leave the house and return would swear he was unemployed or a college bum.... shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. He changes at his office:-)


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