Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Baskets

I spent the weekend sans Doc H while he was off conferencing. Per our usual, he contacted me as soon  as he checked into his room at the hotel. 

He emailed, " - so much for a nice bottle of wine with fruit and cheese. I wonder what the obesity rates are around here... No blogging!" He was kind enough to attach a photo of his hotel issued welcome basket.

Like a bolt of lightening, I cropped it, adjusted the colors, watermarked it, and put a nice bright welcome banner on it, only to email it back to Doc H...

He quickly replied, "You just can't control yourself, can you! Now, what are you planning to write?"

"Maybe something along the lines of... Doc H arrived at his conference hotel room safely. In the past, we've been nicely greeted with a hotel welcome gift bearing wine, cheese, crackers and fresh fruit. He was a little dismayed at this welcome package of potato chips, soda pop, Goo Goo clusters, and Moon Pies. They weren't even organic. I'm not sure who was responsible for the welcome gift. Regardless, I find it incredibly entertaining that they felt such a welcome was worthy of healthcare professionals."

His reply?

"My talk tomorrow is about kidney failure, the number one cause of which is diabetes. If I were to enjoy my entire welcome gift, I would need to attach myself to the nearest dialysis machine to get me through the talk. There's enough sugar in that little bucket to send me into a diabetic coma. I might have a stroke and a heart attack at the same time, and we still have estate planning issues. I just ordered a Cesar salad."

I died of laughter, "HAHAHAHAHA! Can I quote that?!!! Fantastic!!!"

To which he responded,  "I wouldn't be so harsh on the person who was responsible. I probably know the person! You could say, 'I'm sure the snacks were meant to be enjoyed over several days or shared with others, BUT...' There are probably > 1,500 nurses at this meeting, and some may read your blog. The Moon Pies are a dead give away - {enter City here}. I can imagine someone standing up after my talk asking, 'Are you married to Emily? You know the doctor's wife who writes that funny blog - yourdoctorswife.' I wouldn't know what to say - 'no my wife isn't Emily, but I'll check out her blog?'"

...I'm dying laughing at just the thought of it.

I love my husband,


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. I have to say that I would devour that gift basket in a heartbeat. Or maybe over a few days... pregnant woman's heaven? He can send it to South Carolina if it disgusts him so much :-P.

    Love even more that you immediately had a post in mind when he said no blogging! :)

  2. Oh wow that's so gross! We just got a welcome basket that was full of potato chips (a local brand) and pralines. Equally bad for you!

  3. That is pretty funny as far as their choice of gift basket. Perhaps they were trying to be ironic. As far as people figuring out who you are, you never know. Even if you get outed you might be a hit. While I don't have my name hidden. Apparently some people my husband works with have read my blog and liked it (although he told them about it so he couldn't really complain if they didn't).

  4. Hahahahaha. Bet he's not in Atlanta.

  5. That is funny, and totally disgusting, and I so wish I had a moon pie right now!


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