Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You Know You're a Surgeon's Wife When... {Vol. 7}

You know you're a doctor's wife when
things get a little heated
and you find yourself like this...

Promising your husband you'll do this...

until your like this...

Because he tried to remedy the situation at hand by saying...

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  1. HAHA, this is so funny! :) I love it, "Trust me, I'm a doctor," there are t-shirts like this, right?

    Maybe he needs one, for under his oxford, or on his days off. :)

  2. Haha well at least he's a doctor. Mine's a medic so he tends to problem solve by asking if I've been drinking enough water or telling me to drink water.

  3. My husband pulls the "Trust me, I'm a doctor" line too. I immediately ask to see the study that backs up what he just said!

  4. haha, I think my uncle uses this line a lot on the whole entire family. My husband just says, "I don't know, I'm just a nurse!"


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