Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Cut in Pay

Doc H pitched this week to me as an opportunity for some "us" time.  He had scheduled time off from the hospital and it would be his way of making up for my ruined summer vacation.

The plan was relatively simple. Drive out to our vacation home. Check on the contractor, the renovations, answer any questions he may have and enjoy the remainder of the time to reconnect.

We arrived on Saturday. Sunday we went for a walk and Doc H caught up on much needed sleep and we had a nice dinner.  All was semi-good in my world.

Monday morning rolled around and our contractor showed up with his crew... a bunch of senior citizens. No wonder this job is taking forever. 

In an effort to speed up the job and cut into the $55 per hour man labor rates we're paying, Doc H decided to put himself to work. For the last two days, he has been working some hard manual labor at a huge cut in pay. 

He plans to work until we leave for home. As usual, I find myself having some alone time.

At least we're eating dinner together. Now, that's something.


  1. Dinner together every night is a luxury!! Enjoy :)

  2. I can totally relate. My husband used to be a hospital based rad, but has changed positions doing telerad at night (from home- I guess that's good at least.) and we hardly ever see each other. When we do, it's a few minutes here an there. We have resounded to lunch dates vs. dinner dates, which I am still getting used to. Can't say that I love it...

  3. Cut in pay or volunteer hours:-) Glad you at least got to watch him work.


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