Friday, October 11, 2013

Flames, Fleas, and... Screws

Our vacation days there were jam packed with back breaking work and a series of the most unfortunate events, the most serious being the house almost burnt to the ground.

Here's my tip for you... If you ever smell dead fish in the house go around and check all your outlets. Touch them to see if they are hot. After hours of thinking a bird dropped a fish carcass on the roof, we finally saw smoke shooting out one of our outlets in the entry way. Thank God we were there!

Late yesterday, an electrician came and remedied the situation. We have asked contractor to walk the interior of the house to make sure there are no funny smells in the house after each work day. We are just praying the house is still there upon our return the beginning of November.

Additionally, Doc H has been under assault. It either came from our pooch or one of the baby Bambis who have made our property their home. Yes, Doc H has been attacked by a flea. His allergic reaction to flea bites have left him quite surely, and who can blame him? It's widespread inflammation and not pretty.

However, it's nice to know he still has his humor somewhat intact. After a day of installing our new deck, he came inside to make sure I understood the difficulty of his day.

"Just be glad you weren't out there bending over with you butt up in the air all day screwing!"...We locked eyes and heard crickets... "And, I don't mean the good way!"

I love my husband! That man can make me laugh!

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