Monday, October 14, 2013

Money Laundering

Apparently, I've taken to money laundering...

I'm not sure who's pockets these bills fell from, 
perhaps it's a combination, but I'm taking it.

It's about time I get paid around here!

What's your money laundering rules? 
Do you return it, or keep it?


  1. If it's in my wash machine, it's mine!! Our system is once it's in the wash, whoever folds (ie finds it) gets it!

  2. Keep it. If they don't take care of it - it is mine! But let's get real everything around his is yours, mine, and ours - one big pot.

  3. I return it but to be fair, Cody and I don't leave stuff in our pockets, so it's usually my brother's and I'm too nice to take it from him! lol.

  4. I have no money laundering rules because my hubby is a neat freak. He wouldn't have money falling from his pockets. Sometimes, I wish he would let some money slip pass me because it would me mine LOL.

  5. My kids are young, so I'll find a penny or two, sometimes a dime. Normally, I discover rocks placed in pockets or the occasional plastic dinosaur. Not too lucrative now, but if they keep the trend up, I'll be making $$bank in about 7-10 years. LOL!


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