Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feeling the Pinch

Last night, I sat in a dark car with our fourteen year old son for over an hour. We sat and waited and waited for over an hour in the hospital parking lot while the smell of the Chinese food in the back seat took over the car. We waited. I knew exactly what was going on. We were feeling the pinch.

We were there to cater dinner to a group of physician's for an after hour meeting. Doc H confirmed the dinner order with me earlier in the afternoon, he mentioned he was heading into the OR. Five hours later, we were there with the food and Doc H was still in the OR.

I texted.
I called his cell.
I called his office.
I emailed one of the other doctors.


I know there's an OR nurse who's responsible to return his pages. I KNOW this.

My phone never rang.

And you know why?

They're feeling the pinch. Everyone is overworked. Every department is understaffed. The baby boomers are booming, and even out here, in the parking lot, we're feeling the pinch.

And, I'm afraid it's going to get much worse before it gets any better.


  1. I bet they were eternally grateful to see that food when they finally did get it!!

    1. They didn't seem to care it wasn't piping hot... that's for sure! :)


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