Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I have been a pretty good lady, wife, and mother this year. While our bank account could be doing better (thanks to our lovely contractor who's apparently mistaken us for you and the lovely Mrs. Claus), I wouldn't go through the trouble of asking the elves to stitch together a pair of designer jeans for me or go mining for any precious gemstones this year. My wardrobe is pretty well-rounded at the moment and my jewelry box is full enough (for now-- let's revisit this again next year, because I am a girl who likes to shine!).

Instead, I'm hoping you could gift me the following:

The gift of sleep. I'm tired of being chronically tired. This gift would include eliminating Doc H's habit of snoring during deep sleep, re-training my dog to sleep anywhere else, but the master bedroom, the enlargment of both my bladder and Doc H's bladder, and of course, throwing the pager under the tire of an oncoming UPS truck. You know what? Nix the that last pager request. I'll like to take care of that myself.

The gift of high school acceptance. Our youngest son is applying to college preparatory high schools. We have done our part. He is studying hard for the entrance exam and has been diligent with his tutoring. Acceptance would be a great gift.

Extraordinary SAT scores. Our high school junior will begin her college application process this January with an SAT prep class, and SATs in March. If you could guarantee me some fantastic scores, I could relax a bit. I'm sure that would be as much a gift to her, as me.

A's. I'm not talking the baseball team (although perhaps I should rethink this-- no, no.  I'll stay on track). I'm talking grades. For all our kids. We have a fair share of them, but more would be great. Then my frustration could subside.

Health. Our family is currently pretty healthy. We have one daughter who could use some help with her knees, but other than that, I would appreciate if we could keep the status quo around here. That includes our children, ourselves, our parents, siblings and their respective families.

A continued sense of humor. I don't think I could survive motherhood or second wife-hood without it. I need to be able to laugh at the daily absurdity.

A continued sense of compassion for patients. Because of this life of medicine, I need it. Without it, I would most like rip into Doc H every night. That would slowly eat away at the life we've built.

Continued love and warmth of our home. What can I say? I love my husband, I love our family, I love our life.

That's it, Santa. That's all I want. Am I asking too much? Looking back over my list, I realize a pair of earrings might be simpler.

Kind regards to you, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and Rudolph,


  1. I definitely agree with the "gift of sleep." I could use a little of that way. Think you could put in a request with the big jolly ole fella since you guys seem to have a pretty good relationship? I'm on his not so great list after last years debacle.

  2. Great list! I want the gift of sleep too!

  3. What a great list:-) I hope you get them all!


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