Thursday, December 26, 2013

ho. ho. ho. woo. hoo.

Did you all enjoy your holiday? Mine started a little sluggish...

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I, begrudgingly, attended Doc H's Christmas party.



After the last minute rush to get ready, which included shaving my *DRY* legs (talk about the subconscious mind working against you!), stuffing myself into my Spanx (and forgetting to pee BEFORE I put them on), putting on more makeup than usual (only to wipe it off, to keep from looking too ho-Ho-Ho-ish), and wrestling with myself to buckle the tiniest little buckles on the straps of my 2011 season Bagley Mischka 4 inch platform sandals (note to self: shoes before pencil skirt), Doc H and I found ourselves sitting in the car listening to Christmas carols trying to get into the spirit of the season.

I made a mental note to make sure Doc H takes our pre-med daughter as his plus one to next year's party. She would benefit and enjoy immersing herself into the hospital culture.

As we drove, I found myself leaning against my car door with my head melding against the window. I'm sure passerbys thought I was quite a sorry sap. My gaze dropped down to my shoes, and I realized I had to focus on the positives.

I am fortunate to be living my life. Doc H's job provides us a very nice life. Unlike many others, we have a roof over our head, organic foods in our belly, our bills are paid, our children are receiving wonderful educations, and despite a few aches and pains, Doc H and I still dress up pretty good and, moreover, we and our extended family are enjoying good health.

So, I strapped on my Doctor Wife armor, and soldiered on through the party. I smiled, shook hands, spoke to colleagues I really didn't care to talk to. I spoke to newly minted Doctors' Second Wives. I buffered them from the loyal friends of the First Wives. I made small talk. When asked, I doled out updates of the kids. And, when other Doc Wives rolled their eyes and asked, "How are YOU doing", I fought the urge to unroll my bitch list, and pulled out some of our classic, and funny, family holiday stories.

It made them laugh. It made me laugh. And, on the ride home, I realized I felt better.


  1. Can you believe not a single work related holiday party? Although we did received an invitation for the a holiday party to be held in February. I guess they were a little late deciding whether or not to host one. February it is!

    1. February actually seems like a great month to host a "holiday" party! Everyone is done with the stress and can just relax! Happy Holidays!!!

  2. You just lost me as a reader. I get all your bitching now... you're the second wife. Interesting. The first wife goes through all the training, poverty and monster-esque husband. The second wife gets him in all his glory. Amazing it took me this long to get it but you pointed it out at a time in my life where I'm having to mingle with those special second and third wives...they sure are their own flavor of special.

    1. You do realize that sometimes it's the first wife who walks away from the marriage, not the husband? (I don't know what the case is here, but you are making assumptions.) Likewise, even husbands can have legitimate reasons for ending a marriage. I'm a second wife, (didn't meet my husband until well after the divorce), and while he doesn't talk about it, given that he was the plaintiff and there was no award of alimony, I think I know where the court put the blame. The affair she had may have had something to do with it.

      My husband was in the Navy for the first ten years of our marriage, and I can see how some women could think they could handle being married to someone who isn't at home every second or third night, then disappears for weeks or months at a time on deployments, and after a year or three of this realizes that they can't. I'm sure it's the same for doctors. Someone marries a doctor in training, and then discovers after the horrid hours during training that they don't really get that much better once the spouse is a "real" doctor.

  3. Our medical center has the "holiday/employee appreciation" party in early November, which was nice. We lucked out, only one party, and it was all the fellow residents at an attending's house. Still...I feel your pain (ESPECIALLY with the Spanx!!)

  4. Merry Belated Christmas! Sorry your Christmas was such a bust. I've definitely had a few instances in which I've wanted to unroll the my bitch list (although at this point, it's more of a novel).

    We spent our Christmas, at home, just the three of us. No in-laws or moms to tell me how I'm failing at motherhood, Best. Christmas. Ever.

  5. Ah the ever popular doc holiday parties! I went to 2 last weekend and I was literally the only non-physican at one of them yikes. Its nice though to hear all the nice comments from the attendings and residents about my husband though. After all they see him way more than I ever will ;)

  6. hahahaha. I'm so glad that you found the bright side of things. :)


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