Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Have 12 Days Til Christmas

As of yesterday afternoon, my in-laws have left my home. My Thanksgiving holiday has officially come to a close.

What does that mean?

I have exactly 12 days to pull Christmas together.


That’s right. If you were to pull up to my home at this very second, you would find...

I have NO Christmas lights strung outside.
I have NO Christmas wreaths hanging on my doors.
I have NO Christmas trees up, nor decorated.
I have NO Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped.
I have NO Christmas cards on order.
I have NO stockings hung.
I have NO gingerbread house.
I have NO baked goods, nor do I have any dough waiting in the freezer.

I have NOTHING to wear to this weekend’s hospital holiday party.
I have NOTHING for any of the four gift exchanges I find myself signed up for.
I have NOTHING for any of the coaches.
I have NOTHING...
I have NOTHING...


Excuse me, please. I must go to the mall. STAT!


  1. LOL. your post is exactly like the post on confessions on a doctors wife. You actually have some more time, its 14 days ;)

    1. Jane and I are in the same boat! I just returned home after circling in the mall like a lost child. I need a game plan!

  2. online shopping. if your mall is anything like our mall everyone had a panic attack today and it took an hour to park and an hour to get out of there. it's like NOBODY works during the day light hours... wth?!?! people need to go to work and shop after 5pm!!!! this stay at home mom can't fight the crowds or the chit chat from sales people. online shopping is so much better. you click click click and don't realize how much you spent until it's too late. that's the best kind of retail therapy for me!

  3. Yep I am right there with you right down to the lack of Xmas party dress. Hoping to get all my festive things done by this weekend. How is Christmas in 2 weeks!?

  4. Oh no!! Not the mall. Hit Amazon. Let them bring it to you while you sit comfortably clicking a button and sipping wine.


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