Friday, January 31, 2014

Sex Ed

I learned something important this morning about men.

Men will take sex any you package it or present it.

Even if you label it "Pity Sex".

Then I learned something important about myself.

I can find a laugh in just about anything.

Even "Pity Sex".


Get Ready!

Monday is Medical Monday!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Need a Dream Consult

I normally can't remember my dreams. But, last night's so so far fetched, I woke up and immediately started chanting Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad... over and over again until I fell back asleep in an extreme attempt to ingrain the dream in my long term memory.

Lucky for you, I succeeded and, lucky for me, I can ask you to shed some light on my dream!

Apparently, watching an AMC
marathon, played on number on my subconscious psyche.

My dream opened with me standing in a cold concrete warehouse
with a couple of guys dressed like this...

But, when they took off their mask I was shocked to find...
my Doc H!

I was like this...

and he looked as me like this..

He's said, "Look what I'm making!"

...and that's when viral internet stories infiltrated my dreams...

Doc H said, "But, my meth will be pretty, like this..."

"... and we'll have more than this..."
"...because, I'll be able to charge more than others."

Well, that made me look at him like this...
and doubt his claims.

And, I suppose this is where my marketing background pilfered my dream...

"Because, I'm going to sell my beautifully colored meth like this..."

And, as he sat down...

he explained, "It's like YOU said... 
It's all the in the presentation and packaging."

At that's when I woke up like this...
... thinking, "What in the world??? 
What does that dream even mean???"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Medical Monday {January Edition, Vol. 2}

Happy New Year, my friends!

I admit, I've always been incredibly lax when it comes to making resolutions. Perhaps, it's because they are always the same and rather vague... Eat healthier, be a better person, always try my best, etc., etc.

This year is no different. I can't make a specific list of items I must do... I get so stressed and busy at Christmas, the thought of reviewing a list and marking each item as a FAIL just seems counter-productive for me.

However, I will stick to my norm to do better, eat better, be more patient with the kids, remember to be patient with Doc H's responsibility to the hospital, and just enjoy the present.

That's it. That's all I can handle as far as New Year Resolutions go. How about you???

I'm ready to get back the norm... Let's do it!!!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holidays With The Pager Can Still Be Special

Happy New Year!

Because Doc H is on a heinous stretch of call, we celebrated this New Years Eve by quickly devouring a home cooked dinner complete with a page squealing just towards the end of the meal.

Luckily, the page was a resident calling with a few questions that could be handled over the phone. God bless those poor, tired residents and their families!

We then hit the sheets earlier then usual, because, well..., you just never know when that pager will go off again. With impeccable timing, we awoke just as the ball was dropping. A quick peck marked the beginning of 2014, and we raced to get back to sleep before the pager could derail us.

That scenario pretty much summed up our holiday season. Our holiday celebrations were sprints; us versus the pager. Unfortunately, Doc H didn't make it to our Christmas Eve celebration. So, without hesitation, but perhaps with a bit of a huff, we went about our Christmas Eve schedule without him. Church, dinner with my side of the family, and gift exchange sans Doc H.

We may not have been celebrating when we'd normally like to celebrate the holiday, but we had Doc H all to ourselves on Christmas Day. Since he missed the big Christmas Eve dinner, I pulled together a large Christmas Brunch for the family to enjoy. Even though it was a departure from our traditional holiday celebration, we enjoyed the time we had together as a family this holiday.

It was not my ideal Christmas or New Year's Eve, but I've been a part of this rodeo long enough to realize it could've been much worse, and we've melded into a "go with the flow" type of family.

In the end, we were all happy with the holidays. Doc H even made me cry on Christmas Day with a letter he wrote me which accompanied my gift.

"I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you... I can't imagine what the last 10+  years would have been like without you in my life... You are the glue in our family, and we are truly blessed having you. You have enriched my life beyond words and I am so very grateful... I'm sure you will use [this new iPhone] often to talk with me throughout the day, until we are together for the best time of my day, everyday - home at last with you."

And that, my friends, melted any residual holiday hospital angst away.

I love, love, LOVE my husband!

Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy, and happy 2014!


Be sure to join us for Medical Monday on January 6, 2014!

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