Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Need a Dream Consult

I normally can't remember my dreams. But, last night's so so far fetched, I woke up and immediately started chanting Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad... over and over again until I fell back asleep in an extreme attempt to ingrain the dream in my long term memory.

Lucky for you, I succeeded and, lucky for me, I can ask you to shed some light on my dream!

Apparently, watching an AMC
marathon, played on number on my subconscious psyche.

My dream opened with me standing in a cold concrete warehouse
with a couple of guys dressed like this...

But, when they took off their mask I was shocked to find...
my Doc H!

I was like this...

and he looked as me like this..

He's said, "Look what I'm making!"

...and that's when viral internet stories infiltrated my dreams...

Doc H said, "But, my meth will be pretty, like this..."

"... and we'll have more than this..."
"...because, I'll be able to charge more than others."

Well, that made me look at him like this...
and doubt his claims.

And, I suppose this is where my marketing background pilfered my dream...

"Because, I'm going to sell my beautifully colored meth like this..."

And, as he sat down...

he explained, "It's like YOU said... 
It's all the in the presentation and packaging."

At that's when I woke up like this...
... thinking, "What in the world??? 
What does that dream even mean???"


  1. HAHA ..... but it's PRETTY meth! ;)

  2. Hahaha! That is too funny! Dreams are so weird sometimes : )

  3. I love a good dream that is so far away from what life is really like, especially when I can remember them. Sounds like you just overdosed on Breaking Bad:-) You should be fine in a couple of days. I recommend chick flicks for the next two of three nights. Maybe it means that you will fund your children's college education with a little extra money from a venture which may be dangerous, illegal - but will look good doing it and if it is pretty enough you will never get caught. I have no idea what it means, but its fun to guess. Any more dreams?

  4. Im obsessed with Breaking Bad! My husband and I have been binge watching on Netflix and are on season 4 now. We rarely agree on shows so I'm going to be bummed when its over.


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