Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Truth As It Is

Sometimes spouses argue over important things: how to manage the finances, how the kids should be disciplined, what's an acceptable number of times sex is had per week. That's the stuff that matters to matrimonial harmony.

And then, other times, we argue over the insanely stupid. The stuff that really doesn't matter. Such an instance happened to us two nights ago over dinner and margaritas. We argued over the discrepancies in... our pipe dreams. 

We drove home still debating any random thought which derived from the differences in our pipe dreams. Just for fun, I suppose.

Then, last night we crawled into bed and watched a bit of "American Idol". When this happened...
And, immediately Doc H pointed to the television saying, "That's exactly how you got with me last night!" I told him should be glad I've never sucked my own teeth at him like my Latina ancestors before me had done many a time to their dog-house husbands.  

Then, this morning, I decided I should catch up on some of my shows as I scoured the web for grant funding opportunities. And, as I watched "Modern Family", I could only nod my head and laugh. For there was Sophia Vergara telling the God's honest truth...

Well... at least the truth as it is in this household.


  1. That's the way it is here too. Just replace the words "Latin" with "Kellie" and "feel" with "do," and welcome to my world.

  2. Ha yes sounds familiar! Last night we fought about no having enough dog poop pickup bags how sad is that!? But then we laughed at it so there's that ;)


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