Monday, March 17, 2014

The Power of Twitter

I'll admit, when I signed up for Twitter over two years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Quickly, I figured out I was twitting.

It only took me two months to figure that out.

Then came the followers. Who were these people? Why are they interested in what I have to say in 140  characters or less?

Then I followed. Would I care about what any of these people twitted?

I was skeptical.

But, like a soldier, I marched on to the land of pound signs, wanna-be porn stars trolls, and short links which I was sure contained deadly computer viruses. Doesn't everyone know links all begin with www?

I was very unsure of the benefit of twitting.

Fast forward two years and 914 Twitter followers later and I... Get... It.

Twitter has allowed me a network of people I could never build in real life. It's my cyber-network.

Let me share this story with you...

The last few weeks, I've been spinning my wheels with our new start-up. My main goal? Funding. If you remember, we've learned our lessons with VC's. That's all I'm going to say about that. So, I've been feeling like I've been thrown in a time warp back to 19-yada-yada when I was beginning my career in marketing. Back then, we called it "Dialing for Dollars", now I'm calling it "Begging for Backing". Concept is the same, the terminology has just evolved.

In a move to make sure I have left no stone unturned, I tweeted about my plight and guess what? I got answers!

Specifically, I got specific answers and even contacts... I'm talking names and numbers of bankers who have even more answers for me!

Yes, out of the Twitter-land cloud, Ben, from Physician Family Financial Advisors emerged to help out another cyber-stranger. This kind man took time out of his days (weekends, even!) to research other avenues for me. I cannot express my gratitude. Ben went beyond and above for me.

Ben specializes in helping physicians and their families as they struggle through the financial roller coaster of being an MD.

If you have money questions, by all means... call Ben. His link is now on my sidebar for easy reference.

Tell him Emma and Twitter sent you.

Ask for Ben

*This recommendation is based from my own personal experience with Ben. This is not a paid sponsorship or endorsement. 


  1. yes, i started twitter too and well i just wish i knew better hashtags to use.

  2. I have not been able to get into twitter-I think Im just more of an instagram kind of girl. So fabulous how social networking can move mountains as you have seen. Ive been some amazing friends online and gotten lots of advice and help myself too.


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