Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Need Clones!

As Doc H ran out the door this morning, he said, "I could use my own full-time assistant or secretary!"

To this I replied, "MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!"

I won't lie. Since returning home from a week long vacation on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday hurt. BAD! I have been slapped with a boatload of work which I postponed as I frolicked (read: almost drowned) in the surf with the family. Did you know the crotch of a woman's bathing suit could hold two cups of soaking wet sand? Me neither.

Excuse my digression.

So, now we are home and suffering from the consequences of our family vacation (well, a medical conference for Doc H, but vacation for me and the kids). A clone of myself would be so wonderful right now. I'm sure Doc H would agree with me. 

The consequences are so harsh, I really don't know why I'm spending time on the post. Oh yes... blogging is a wonderful form of procrastination!

Wishing I was still there... despite my near death experience.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chocolate Bunnies

For over a decade, I spent my Easter Vigils stuffing over 200 plastic eggs for our four kids. 

I realize it may have been an over-obsessive amount of eggs, but I blame it on my Latin roots (read: my mother), because God forgive me if we have unexpected guests and not enough food, drink, wine, or Easter eggs for everyone to go home happy.

Last year I stuffed the eggs with a combination of candy, money, and lotto scratchers.

Now with two kids in college, one in high school, and our (6 foot tall) baby finishing up middle school this year, I've decided to call it quits. Your Doctor's Wife can stuff it no longer.

I bought the kids Easter cards and chocolate bunnies. 

However, I now realize I made one fatal flaw in my Easter plans.

I bought the chocolate bunnies too early.

Yes, my friends... this past week, in various fits of stress, I ate the four chocolate bunnies. One by one. The good news is that the bunnies didn't suffer. They were devoured quite quickly. 

So now, on Easter, my kids will get a card. A card.

And you know what?

I don't feel bad about it. At all.

Happy Easter

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Biotech Fortunes

Biotech has completely taken over my life. 

Every waking hour is consumed with biotech. 
If I'm not physically acting on behalf of it, 
I've got it on the brain.

I feel like I'm running a race against time.

I'm running a race against larger companies with more financial capital. 

But I can't give up. 

My fortune cookie told me so...

Now, that's serious, people.
That's serious.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Medical Monday {April Edition, Vol. 2}

There are uber-special moments which pepper your life.

I'm not talking special moments which only come to focus in hindsight, like the conversation you had with a high school teacher which turned to have tremendous impact on your life, or a turning point in your career which can only be identified after the dust has settled.

Nor am I referring to those special long awaited moments... graduations, match day, wedding, birth of a baby.

I'm talking about those unexpected, yet surreal special moments. They are unscripted, unanticipated moments. They catch you by surprise. These moments play out before you in slow motion and in that second you realize you must savor the moment, because something very special is happening.

You then replay that moment again and again in your head and in your heart because you felt so blessed, so loved, so special. You realize this will be one of those important moments which you will fall back on when you feel the hospital and your DrH's patients are more important than you.

Doc H created one of those moments for me not too long ago at a benefit auction we attended together. And yet, for the majority of the time, I didn't even realize what was happening.

It was a wonderful surprise. It will bring me smiles, warmth, and love every time I reminisce the memory... or slip it on my finger.

While it's a hard life, it's a GOOD LIFE!

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