Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Need Clones!

As Doc H ran out the door this morning, he said, "I could use my own full-time assistant or secretary!"

To this I replied, "MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!"

I won't lie. Since returning home from a week long vacation on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday hurt. BAD! I have been slapped with a boatload of work which I postponed as I frolicked (read: almost drowned) in the surf with the family. Did you know the crotch of a woman's bathing suit could hold two cups of soaking wet sand? Me neither.

Excuse my digression.

So, now we are home and suffering from the consequences of our family vacation (well, a medical conference for Doc H, but vacation for me and the kids). A clone of myself would be so wonderful right now. I'm sure Doc H would agree with me. 

The consequences are so harsh, I really don't know why I'm spending time on the post. Oh yes... blogging is a wonderful form of procrastination!

Wishing I was still there... despite my near death experience.


  1. Where were you guys at? I need more beach in my life now!

  2. Glad you got a vacation... even with a crotch full of sand, it sounds divine. Welcome back:-)


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