Monday, April 13, 2015

Why, Yes. I Did Go To The Gym.

Thanks to all for the warm reception back! You all are awesome!

Today's breaking health news is this... I WENT TO THE GYM!!

Yes, after what was probably a 2 year absence, I bravely ventured back into the gym which has been gladly accepting their incredulous, sinfully high monthly dues despite my lack of appearances. Back when Doc H and I signed our family membership to this hoity-toity club, we went with the following mindset...
"This place is so outrageously expensive it will propel us to work out all the time! We'll be in the best shape of our lives. We WOULD NEVER pay so much and not utilize our membership!"
Are you laughing? Well, at least it's a family membership and our four kids (now two college, and two high schoolers) have used the place almost regularly. 

I sheepishly mounted a treadmill in the furthest and most remote corner of the gym in complete fear of a treadmill fail worthy of YouTube glory and infamy. I was after completely anonymity. So, it should've come as no surprise when, after twenty minutes, sweaty as can be from just walking, I looked up from the built in TV and saw D2 looking bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and beautiful smiling and waving at me! 

She couldn't understand what I was doing at the gym. *Okay, I get it... I'm totally out of shape.*

When I returned home, I summed up my trip to the gym in a text to Doc H...

God bless my Doc H for being supportive. And the fact that he took the time to add emojis just warms my heart!

Maybe I'll go back tomorrow.

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