Thursday, December 22, 2016

It's Christmas...yay.

It's Christmas.

The tree is up. LB (now a tall, high school junior) strung the exterior lights. The stockings are hung. I've shopped, wrapped, planned menus for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Brunch. I'm gearing up to grocery shop, cook, clean house, and somehow still manage to make myself look as magnificent as I can get (despite being fifteen pounds overweight) for the social media holiday photo.

DocH is OFF this holiday.

Notice there is no exclamation point after that sentence. Subtext reads: He won't be at the hospital, but he will be on his hospital laptop catching up on charting, administrative duties, etcetera, while I run around in the kitchen like a woman with her hair on fire. I've come to learn and accept there is no true OFF with my DocH.

It's okay.

He will be there to eat with us, he will be there to toast with us. He will be there to open gifts, play some games, and he will bring life, laughter, and love to the table like only he can.

I'm gearing myself up. Who's gearing up with me?

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