Saturday, February 9, 2019

It's All About the People

It's all about the people.

That's what makes or breaks a job, wouldn't you agree?

We are finally settling down in the new job. It didn't start out smoothly, but then again, I can't think of any job that has. There's always that period of adjustment where you are thrown into a new environment, and you go through the dreaded learning curve.

And here's the kicker... I didn't realize DocH's new job would mean a new full-time job for me. Being in private practice is a TON of work! Man, we took so many things for granted at the hospital. I submitted his credentialing packages over six weeks ago and we are still waiting. I know. It takes forever. In the meantime, I have a husband who is dying to get back into the OR.

But, who cares? He is HAPPY. He is busy with a full clinic, and more importantly, colleagues and staff who are happy to be at work. They are happy he is there. They are bending over backwards to make sure he is loving his new digs by reorganizing and reconfiguring the clinic to his liking. It's a great vibe. It's all about the people.

He comes home, and let me tell you, he is a different person. He may be tired, but it's a good tired. He is re-energized. At dinner, he smiles, he laughs at my dorky jokes, he even cracks his own dorky jokes. I can go over business items with him and he is attentive, conversation bounces back and forth like it should. Seeing him like this gives me all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings. It's sooooooo good!

Before, he thought he had about six years left in him. Now, he can see himself doing this until he is no longer competent. *Insert the sound of tires skidding here.*  I'm not sure how I quite feel about that.

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