Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Credentialing Process Bites Weenies

I shared with you that Doc H left his hospital employment for private practice.  We (read- I) promptly began the arduous task of filing credentialing applications, compiling proper documentation, and submitting online applications to various hospitals where my Doc H will be working.

For various reasons he (read- I) needed to apply to three hospitals. That means three different web portals, three varying application requirements, and three different Medical Staff Offices to work with.

My friends, simply put, this was a freaking nighmare!

All point of contacts said the process was simple and should take about 30 days.

I call bullshit.

One hospital came in at 45 days only because we had an emergency and we were lucky enough to know a hospital exec who was able to push it through for Doc H.

The second hospital came in just over 60 days.

And the third and last? Almost 5 months. FIVE MONTHS!!

Do you know how many follow up emails and phone calls that is? I lost count.

I can tell you I spent over 60 hours submitting and uploading all materials. That doesn't account for any CV prep/update time. That is all time spent at the computer entering information on their portal and uploading documentation.

It sucked.

Every hospital had their own portal and each varied greatly in ease of use. Some were not user friendly at all. One portal only let me input data for five minutes before timing me out without saving any information. Another portal didn't like to work 3 out of 7 days of the week.

I would start the process at 6am, be banging my head on the keyboard by 7am, downing Tylenol with coffee by 7:30am, and spent the remainder of the day until I went to bed cursing at the powers that be.

Oh, my friends. If you are in the process of applying for privileges, I cry for you. Stay strong! Keep calm and credential on.

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  1. So glad I found you. I’m the practice Manager for my husband’s family practice office and so I had to credentialnour newly hired nurse practitioner starting in March. Well here it is almost August and almost none of the commercial insurers have come they! Only our Blue Cross plans came thru quickly. Since we’re a private practice, I had to credential with each insurer, and of course, all are different portals, with different ways of transmitting documents, but they all want the same information! You probably have your husband registered with CAQH: why on earth can’t all the insurers use that? All the credentialing documents are stored there, every single question I had to answer is in there. Medicare and Maryland Medicaid came they in under 3 weeks. It doesn’t speak very well for commercial insurers that government payers can do this a lot better. I’ve had a Maryland delegate show some interest in the plight of small private practices, in fact he sponsored a bill last year that would’ve required payers to use CAQH or some other centralized data base to do the quarterly verifications that they require (it failed), so I just forward the emails I get saying “it’ll be another 30-45 days for completion” to him. It really is ridiculous in this day and age for something like this to take months!


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