Thursday, September 12, 2019

Vacation Time; We Need It!!

Let's talk about vacation time today. I'd like to cover two bases; vacation time, and how that time is spent, but that would be too long of a blog post. So, let's just stick to vacation time. We'll get to how we vacation on my next post.

First-- vacation time. How much time do you (if you are the physician) or your Doc SO get? 5 weeks, 7 weeks? 12 weeks?

I'm asking because, if you've been in this medical grind for any length of time, you realize physician burn-out is REAL. The sleepless nights, long hours, stressful situations, physicality, and non-ceasing intellectual demands are not sustainable for long periods of time.

So, here we are just six months into private practice and taking our first full week of "vacation". We left hospital employment where Doc H received seven weeks of vacation time and was able to accrue additional weeks as his overtime compensation. We were flush with vacation days. With the hospital we had a vacation schedule which allowed us to visit our vacation home for long weekends quite frequently. It was fantastic! It allowed him to recharge. We slept, ate good food, socialized with our neighborhood friends, and enjoyed lots of outdoor activities.

Now, in private practice, we are down to 5 weeks. Frequent long weekends for recharging are out of the picture. To further the matter, it's very hard to schedule vacation time. We are blessed with a busy practice. Busy practice = Sick patients.  He has a partner, but it's still difficult to dump it all on just one physician.

But, we need to take the time off. He needs it. I need it. We need it. It's the only way to stave off burnout which not only takes over his emotional well-being, but festers through the house, eventually making its way to me and the kids. Not good, right?

So, here we are. On a full week's vacation, recharging our batteries, and it's doing wonders! As soon as we left our driveway and got on the road, I saw an immediate shift in Doc H's mood. It was like a quick jolt of energy infused his spirit.

So, again, I ask you. How much vacation time do you receive, and what type of practice/employment are you currently in?

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