Medical Mondays

Hi All,

I'm so happy you're here to celebrate Medical Monday with us!

Well, because of the crazy in our lives, my awesome MM partner, Jane at From A Doctor's Wife and I have decided to suspend our monthly Medical Monday link up for the summer. Why? If your summer calendar looks like mine, summer looks like anything but a vacation. We have freshman orientations, sport practices, travel tournaments, summer classes, workshops, kids' jobs, school trips, and while myself and Doc H don't have any major trips planned for ourselves, we have two kids flying internationally, and two others who will be vacationing separately. It's going to be a jammed packed schedule with no regularity.

Let's have a great link up this month and be sure to mark you calendar for Monday, September 1st when we'll be back up and running!

Now, all this doesn't mean Your Doctor's Wife is taking a summer blogging vacation. I'll still be blogging as a way to procrastinate from real life. So, don't count me down and out this summer!

In the meantime, have any of you watched Royal Pains on Netflix? I just watched the pilot episode which outlines the premise of the series. Young ER doc's medical career is ruined on his day off. He finds himself in the Hamptons where he unknowingly steps into the role of concierge doctor to those who show their thanks with bars of gold.

I'm thinking of watching the next episode. If you've been watching the series, tell me if it gets your thumbs up or thumbs down!

Now on with the party! Let's make it a good one-- after all, it is Cinco de Mayo! Cyber-margaritas for everyone!!! Olé!!

May Medical Monday Link-Up and BlogHop

Are you confused if you qualify for the party?

If you have a pager interrupting your life... you DEFINITELY qualify!
Do you work in healthcare?
Doctor? Nurse? EMT? Chiropractor? Vet? Dentist? Therapist?
Are you the spouse or SO of a healthcare worker/student?
Are you a nursing student? Medical student?
Intern? Resident? Fellow?

You get the picture, right? Come on, now... don't be shy! Let's keep growing and meeting new bloggers, so we can build a community of support and friendship, learn from one another, and share our stories.


Here are the rules:
  1. Follow your co-hosts via Bloglovin, GFC (if you are Blogger), FB, email or Twitter.
  2. Link up you medical/med life blog. If your blog name does not clearly state how you fit in to the med/med life world, please write a little intro or link up a specific post which clearly demonstrates your connection.
  3. Visit at least 3 other link ups, comment, introduce yourself, and tell the your stopping by or following from MM!
  4. Help spread the word by using our button on your post or sidebar, tweet about Medical Monday, or spread the word on Facebook! The more the merrier for all of us.
Complete step one by following your co-hosts:
Want to be awesome? Help us spread the word by grabbing and posting the Medical Monday button on your post or sidebar...

Want to co-host next month? Shoot Jane an email at and be sure to write "Medical Monday Co-host Request" in the subject field.

Now, link up below and have fun! The link up is open through Friday, so be sure to come back during the week to check some great reads!


  1. Hi Emma! I linked my blog over at From a Doctor's Wife and posted your Medical Mondays bloghop button on my blog. Love reading your posts!

  2. Adding your button to my blog hop directory

  3. Linking up for the first time...thanks for a unique and fun hop!

  4. Thanks for hosting the December MMBH! Look forward to meeting and linking up with some new people!

  5. Hi I'm new and just wondering how to link my blog? Thanks.

  6. Hi Becky! We would love to have you! This month's link up is now closed, but mark your calendar for February 4th! The link up will be live and you will see the link up button for you to add your blog! Then you can hop around to visit new blogs and make some new friends!

  7. I have been following you for a while now but just hadn't had a chance to link up to Medical Mondays. I'm a nursing student and of course just concentrating on that while taking care of my family usually leaves me with little time for anything else (including blogging!). So excited that I was able to become part of something so awesome! :-)

  8. Hi I'm a new reader to this blog and am still trying to figure out how to link my site to the hop. Do I need to wait for a new month?

    1. Great! It's open until Friday. You can still link up for this month. Next month you'll probably want to link your blog up as early as you can on Med Monday so you get maximum exposure. Welcome!
      PS. If you have any more questions, email me at

    2. Great to participate this month! Thanks for hosting as always!

    3. Thanks for hosting this month - it's great to link up - as always!

  9. It's great to link up this month - even if I'm a little late to the party!!

  10. Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to 'linky link.'

  11. Yay! I'm excited about the Amazon gift card! We've placed 4 or 5 orders with them in the last week or two as we've been getting our house settled and getting ready for school. :-)

  12. I'm back and thanks for the link-up. I will be entering the contest because I need some clothes for the fall.

  13. Quick question--when would be the next Medical Monday?!

  14. Ah! I love to cook too, but I would panic too if I thought I had to make food for a group of people like that. Glad it was somewhat more hassle free than you thought!

    1. Hi! Thanks for hosting!
      I am having difficulty with step #4. I cannot figure out how to post the MM button to my blog. Any advice?

  15. Great to link up on this Happy Holidays MM Blog Hop! Thanks for hosting - it's been wonderful to connect this year!!

  16. Hi Emma,
    Just posted my first MM:)

  17. i'll miss the link up over the summer, but looking forward to resuming in sept!

  18. Do you plan on bringing it back? or did I just miss the Sept one?


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